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Completed 6 ChallengesGoldarm5 wrote:
Damage from Scold's Bridle and Heartbound Loop cant stun or crit although both of them are hits.
Is this a technical (they belong to a subclass of hits that isnt able to stun or hit) or is it a design/balance (these 2 got exception rules) reason?
Being able to stun yourself is bad and can cause infinite loops. This damage is explicitly prevented from stunning, knocking back, or critically striking (it doesn't have critical strike chance anyway).

Completed 8 ChallengesXavqwyrus wrote:
a couple questions about singularity's "X% increased Damage against Hindered Enemies"
is damage calculated on cast, or is it rolled separately for every mob hit?
Each hit is independant.
Completed 8 ChallengesXavqwyrus wrote:
does the effect stack if dual wielding singularities, or do i only benefit from one of them?
Yes, the damage modifier will stack.

Completed 36 ChallengesNickoladze wrote:
I'm wondering how the Lori's Lantern mod "Enemies are Unlucky when Damaging you" affects damage taken in regards to critical strikes.
From here you say that it only affects their damage rolls:
Is it possible to roll damage twice, having one roll be a critical strike, and then apply the non-critical strike (naturally the non-critical strike should deal less damage)?
No. The damage roll only rolls damage, between your minimum and maximum damage. It is entirely independant of the crit roll.
Completed 36 ChallengesNickoladze wrote:
Does it roll the damage first, choose the lowest, and then roll if it crits or not?
No, crit is rolled first. This doesn't technically make a difference to your example though.
Hi all

I'm using Heavy Strike with Empire's Grasp.
If i get the node on tree that say "+25% Knockback distance", my reversed knockback with Heavy Strike will pull more mobs with +25% distance?
Completed 20 ChallengesexaMolobo wrote:
I've noticed I can't detonate my mines when I'm silenced. Is this intentional and how does this compare to traps triggering and totems casting their spell when I'm silenced?
The skill "Detonate Mines" is a spell, and you cannot cast it while silenced.
Traps and Totems cannot cast your spells while you are silenced either.

Completed 11 ChallengesLammy wrote:
If I have 50% crit chance and Ambush/Assassinate's 100% more critical strike chance active, would my hit have 100% chance to crit or still get capped at 95%?
95%. The only thing different about that modifier is that it stacks multiplicatively with other modifiers to the same value, rather than additively. It does not remove the cap.

Renahud wrote:
Hi, if I dual wield obliterations, and have the profane bloom passive. Do all these chances of explosion add up, or is it some multiplicative chance?
These are all providing the same chance, so yes.
Renahud wrote:
Same with abyssal cry?
Abyssal Cry is entirely separeate.
Renahud wrote:
I suppose that linking poison to the skill that will launch the explosion won't make the explosion itself poison?
If the explosion is caused by a skill (such as is the case with Abyssal Cry), then yes. If it is not (such as Obliteration/Profane Bloom), then it will not, because you can't link the Poison support gem to a passive or item, just a skill.
Hello ,

I have been thinking interactions between Arctic Armour and Dyadus Infernal Axe. If a monster get chilled by arctic armour when it hits me , can this monster take %100 increase damage from burning because of Dyadus ? I hope you can help me. Thank you !
Just a minor question I always wondered:

Is the amount of XP a monster rewards on kill equivalent to its HP only or also to usual pack density?

Killing a pack of spawns is so much more fun than running after some scattered animated statues for example - but is it an equal leveling approach? The statues - I imagine - should give way more XP since killing them is more time consuming.

Thanks for the constant replies here!
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Mark_GGG wrote:

Completed 11 Challengeseffovex wrote:
I assume beacon of destruction and the prolif gem work the same way?


Using Elemental Proliferation on a non-AoE skill (such as Bear Trap + Avatar of Fire) lets you support the skill with Increased AoE Support. If you use Xoph's Nurture to proliferate the ignite from Bear Trap, this is not the case.

I would expect Beacon of Destruction to work the same way as Xoph's Nurture since neither directly supports an active skill gem but the "character's skills". The quoted answer indicates that this is not the case. What is the reason for this difference?
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For a channeling skill, does the damage calculated at the initial channeling or at the end of channeling ?
For example, With Shaman's Dominion : 100% Increased Global Critical Strike Chance If you've summoned a Totem recently. If I cast Flameblast Totem, did the IGCSC included in the damage calculation at the final blast ?
Completed 19 Challengesraics wrote:
Completed 36 ChallengesMoldyDwarf wrote:
1. Suppose I get 300% increased area (pretend it's possible), this would translate to sqrt(1+3)-1
= 100% increased radius. Molten Strike does (or at least used to) cover a 270 degree arc starting at radius 5 and ending at radius 20 from the base of the melee hit. With 100% increased radius, does it make that range be 5 and 40, 10 and 20, 10 and 40, or 2.5 and 40? My best guess is 10 and 40, since that's what happens with physical objects that increase in size when they're heated.

1. It's 10 and 40, all radius values go up.

So it turns out that the inner radius doesn't actually change, according to Mark in 2014:

Mark_GGG wrote:
Is the max distance of the Molten Strike projectiles so low that it always triggers the 50% more dmg from point blank? Is there any way to know what the max distance of MS projectiles is?
The projectiles travel a random distance between 5 units and 20 units, with the latter distance being affected by AoE increases (the minimum distances is always 5). Point Blank gives a 50% damage bonus only until range 10, which would thus cover only a third of the projectiles with no AoE increase.

I recorded some videos where I used molten strike + multistrike + faster attacks + lmp + gmp. I tried with two configurations: conc eff gem (30% less AoE) and with incr aoe gem + 2x wildfire (99% incr aoe). As best I could tell, the inner radius didn't seem to change.

Assuming that AoE increase actually increase the actual AoE, this would mean that I think this is how to calculate the outer radius based on the mult=(1+%incr)*(1-%less):

pi * r^2 - pi * 5^2 = mult * (pi * 20^2 - pi * 5^2)

r^2 = mult * (20^2 - 5^2) + 5^2

r = sqrt(mult * (20^2 - 5^2) + 5^2)
2.6 BLS Berserker budget shaper farmer build guide:
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but in 2.0, the way casting Animate Weapon worked changed. (I asked about it then, but never got an answer.) Before 2.0, you could hold down the cast button on empty space and then mouse over each weapon in turn; afterwards, you have to start on a weapon, which made it far less convenient to self-cast when you're in a hurry. Why did this change? Was it a restriction of the new engine? there any chance of it getting changed back ever?
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Penetration Vinktar not dropping in relic chest for what reason is this version not appearing? bug? oversight? intended?
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