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Could you please provide me with the life values at level 20 and 21 for the various totems?
I'm theory crafting a reverse knock-back, EE, reflect totems (War's Herald) build and am a bit stuck on the best approach.
Melee Splash does not add any tags to linked skills. It changes the properties of the skill in such a way that it has an area, but the tags on a skill are defined only by the gem. These are distinct concepts.

Aren't you forgetting threshold jewels?
mark1030 wrote:
My question is about the duration of bleed and poison from items. I'm using snakebite gloves that inflict poison when at max frenzy charges. Here is a post where testing didn't seem to match what the wiki says for the default durations: Can you please clarify the base durations for bleed and poisons including distinctions if it matters what the source is (besides the obvious modified durations from Puncture and Viper Strike)?

And here is another thread where testing seemed to show inconsistencies with duration modifiers: It looks like Increased Duration Support increases poison duration but Less Duration Support does not lessen it. I guess in summary my question is: Is the duration of bleed and poison attached to skills via items supposed to be modifyable by passives and/or gems supporting the skill that applied the bleed/poison?
These were both bugged until 2.5.0. From the patch notes:
  • Bleeding effects from non-puncture sources are now affected by the same (additive and multiplicative) duration modifiers as bleeding effects from puncture sources.
  • Poison from non-Viper Strike sources is now affected by multiplicative skill effect duration modifiers. Additive skill effect duration modifiers were already being applied.

TheAmigoBoyz wrote:
I was wondering if you could clarify this for me.

If i have an attack linked with Slower Projectiles (adding more projectile damage), and i poison on hit from the unique chestpiece, Cospri's Will, would the projectile damage increase also scale the poison damage, just like jewels with projectile damage do, or would it just scale the basic attack, thus scaling the poison damage a little.
Currently yes. This will not be the case in 3.0.0, unless a you have a stat which specifically allows it to apply.

Twargh wrote:
How does ignite damage apply to targets hit by multiple explosive arrows at one (eq. stacked on ice nove are a mob pack around bosses).

I ask because i sometimes experience extreme burn damage and others very little.

If i for example stack 5 arrows on the boss and 5 arrows in two separate stacks on an icewall, all in range to hit the boss. Lets say they explode simultaneously, Will ignite damage be calculated from the total 15 arrows or just the stack with the highest damage?
There are not 15 arrows in this example. When you hit an object with an Explosive Arrow, if it already has an explosive arrow, it doesn't add another arrow, it just adds a fuse charge to the object, which will affect the damage of the preexisting arrow when it explodes. The boss has one arrow in it, with 5 total fuse charges. If the other arrows are in other monsters, they also are two single arrows with 5 fuse charges. If they are not suck into any objects, but just hit terrain, then there is no object to add charges to, and so each arrow is individual - in that case there would be 10 arrows in the terrain, each with only a single fuse charge. As you can see, these are two very different cases.

Each arrow explodes entirely separately, and thus ignites separately, from any other arrows. The magnitude of the explosion (and thus any resulting ignite) depends on how many fuse charges were on the exploding object, as described in the skill description.

From an older thread several years ago, you said that the 'Trap' support gem works on Minions, like from Mirror Arrow, but that trap passives do not buff the resulting minions' damage. However, does the 'Trap and Mine Damage' support gem work with minions supported by 'Trap'?
Damgae from minions hitting things is inherently not trap damage. The support will work with minions in that it grants the minions more Trap and Mine damage, which will benefit them if they use any traps or mines. If they don't, which most minions can't, then they can't deal Trap or Mine damage, and thus can't benefit from that bonus.
On that same note, in this case where you are summoning minions with Trap, would frenzy charges on your character at the time of throwing the trap buff the minions' damage?
No. Frenzy charges on you affect your damage, not your minions damage.

Selensija wrote:
I am playing Necromancer with the Ascendandy Key Node "Mistress of Sacrifice" (Offerings target yourself) and I tried the new spell "Spirit Offering" but either it's not working as intended or I am bad at calculating.

My Character has 325 Int which results in 65% bonus ES
Through the skill tree my Character gets 124% bonus ES

So overall 189% ES

My Character has 4784 Maximum Life and Spirit Offering gives 2% Maximum Life as Energy Shield per Corpse (Up to 9 Corpses)

After casting my Character should have

4784 * 0,02 * 9 * (1+ 189/100) = 2488 Energy Shield
This is only correct if you do not have any modifiers to Maximum Life, which I strongly doubt. You get extra base ES from your base Life, and it is affected by modifiers to both ES and Life. Additive modifiers do not apply multiplicatively as you are doing here.
This works the same was as all other "x converted to y"/"gain X as Extra y" mechanics in the game - you get the base amount, and then modifiers to either apply to it.

Backtracking the calculations, I've worked out that you probably have very close to 1785 base life, and 168% increased life (which would result in 4784 total life after rounding).

This means the extra ES you're getting from 9 corpses, which is converted from life, is 321.3 base ES converted from life (1785 * 0.02 * 9), and is then affected by your increased ES and your increased life. 321.3 * (1 + 189/100 + 168/100) = 1468 after rounding, exactly what you're seeing. The maths also works out to give the same value you're getting at 3 corpses.

pootie3030 wrote:
i skimmed the forum but didnt really find what i was looking for. what is the definition of "attacked recently" and "cast recently". what i would like to know is can a standard attack from a wand count towards "attacked recently".
Yes, the default attack is just as much an attack as any other.
pootie3030 wrote:
as well, do the attacks and spells need to hit a target for them to count towards "recently"?
No, you only need to peform the action. You can shift-attack the air with a melee weapon and you still attacked. And plenty of spells you can cast don't hit enemies anyway.
Using Warcries will not count, as they are neither attacks, nor spells. Additionally, you need to use the skill - triggered skills aren't used, and won't count as you having attacked/cast recently.
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Does the helmet enchant 40% increased fireball damage double dip ignite?
Similarly does 40% increased kinetic blast damage double dip poison?
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In regards to the minion data released last weak is there any chance that you could reveal how minion accuracy works?
Hey mark, I originally sent this question to support via forum mail, but unfortunately, they could not answer this for me and I was told to post the question on this thread for possible answers.

Here is the direct copy of my question.


Hello, I just have a question about map drops regarding to atlas.

So I'll assume you have heard the term 'atlas manipulation', where you remove/unshape undesireable maps from atlas in order to gain maximum numbers of maps with efficient layout.

Typically, you complete every T1~9 for atlas bonus, only complete T10 shaped mesa and T11 Shaped strand, remove all T12, and complete every T13 and above.

Theoretically, and the widespread idea is that when running T11 strand, whenever a map drops, if it rolls higher than T10, it will upgrade to T11 assuming 100+ atlas bonus, and the map will be rolled as shaped strand since it's the only T11 unlocked.

However, recently there were few suspects that a map drop could be rolled as a map that is not unlocked on atlas, thus actually not dropping.

For example, running T11 strand again, a map drops, but 'if' it rolls as T11 wasteland, since it is not unlocked on atlas, the map actually doesn't drop completely.

If this suspected case is true, the whole atlas manipulation's net map gain is actually lower than fully unlocking every maps on atlas.

From anecdotal experience from me and others, we believe this is not the case, but I just wanted to double check since this questions have been brought up quite a lot recently.

Thank you.
1. When does the Minion Damage applied to the minions? If i have my minions buffed by Anger, that gives flat fire damage, will it be buffed by Minion Damage?

2. Does the 'Essence of Hysteria' Gloves effect ('Socketed Gems deal 175 to 225 additional Fire Damage') applied to the minions? If so, will it be counted as base damage and then affected by Minion Damage?
Is some clarity planned for 3.0 with respect to gems that work with no keyword match? For example Burning Arrow receiving damage from Less Duration as proven here:
How does prophecies work under the hood, exactly? If I have the prophecy that gives me 5 fusing upon killing a bloodlines pack, do I have extra chance to encounter a bloodlines packs in my next map? I'm assuming it's 100% random, but those kind of prophecies seems to complete themselves very quickly, and I'm unsure if it's because A) Bloodlines are more common than I think B) There's a hidden system in place helping you to complete prophecies.

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My partner and I play characters together, 1 with Essence Drain, the other with Contagion. The Essence Drain degen is spread using the second players contagion.

I was wondering: does the Contagion player get attributed the "kill" if the monster hasn't been hit by the original Essence Drain projectile, only the spread of the degen via Contagion.

We're trying to give the Contagion player lots of magic find gear, so I'd like to know how this works.


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