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That Bow seems really useful for that Ice Shot Scion Support build that (Kramer, I believe?) was said to be the best for Ladder pushing..

Though that Summoner Chest seems really interesting, I may have to try out Animate Weapon next League. ^.^
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"Critical strikes do not affect freeze chance."

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AbdulAlhazred wrote:
"Critical strikes do not affect freeze chance."

Kinda liking this one.

I hope someone at GGG is writing down the suggestions and that they end up changing the wording. So many better ways of conveying the information.
Shppy wrote:

nice bow, finally a cold-focused ele weapon... but still waiting on a melee route to making a serious cold-only attack build (we've got oro's, hyaon's, and dory's fist, not to mention the potential for pure fire or lightning AoF and phys-to-light can give, yet there's still no good way to make a cold-only melee build, be it phys-convert based or ele-based). But at least this is a start

If someone uses phys-to-lightning-to-fire conversion, why not phys-to-lightning-to-cold?
1) 2 call of the brotherhood rings
2) Static strike / Lightning Strike / Ice Crash / Frost Blades / Glacial Hammer etc.
3) P2L gem.

Even playing with cold skill and p2l gem without rings is still fun. Sure it's not a Voltaxic level of epicness, stupidness and uncontrolled joy, but it can be played.

Actually Frost Blades with Hrimsorrow / single CotB ring and P2L gem could give you enough freeze and shock at the same time for nice damage and control.


"Your critical hits don't affect your freeze chance"
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Sheriff_K wrote:
That Bow seems really useful for that Ice Shot Scion Support build that (Kramer, I believe?) was said to be the best for Ladder pushing..

Ice Shot is Phys Dmg based. Funny that you can't use Ice Shot on a cold based bow. This game is awesomely designed like that.
still nothing usefull claw again Q_Q!!! PLZ GGG... r u hate claw? xd

Nuro's Harp sux
Saemus' Gift for vaal sparker? lol
Cloak of Tawm'r Isley for CI or LL summoner? found magic items drop ID'D...why magic only?
just fixx it for magic and rare lol
Touch of Anguish...hmmm not good claw for melee
mayb lightning spell claw?
Gotta love all of those who complain about these new uniques.

Hey complainers: if it doesn't work with your build it most likely still works with other popular builds out there. Just move on. Thanks.
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Nice new uniques, good art.

Oh and 3d art for the claw would be awesome!
that cloak is pretty sick,like the claw too
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
Sexcalibure wrote:
cronus wrote:
waiting for the day when a unique turns light radius into something useful ;)

I had many Unique design suggestion that implied Light radius converted to something else

As i always said, not every mod have to be OP for everything, but they should at least be good for something

so far, Light radius sucks for everything
light radius is pretty good to see in dark maps i'd say

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