Upcoming Unique Items

Interesting stuff. Kinda liking the quiver.
Touch of Anguish and Frostblades, anyone?

Standard frostblade builds tend to go Hypothermia > Ice Bite > Chain/Fork > Frostblades with either Cold Pen or added cold damage.

The buffed 30% cold damage seems like it'd be a huge bonus, and while it's not a very high pDPS base, just having one grants you all its buffs.

I want it.
looks cool
Can't wait to use that bow!
Hmmm, they seem balanced... boring?
Warbands needed that cloak.
you guys really gotta work on getting all uniques their 3d art, these new 2d designs are brilliant, especially that claw!
wow, they're all actually good.

nice! Kappa

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