Upcoming Unique Items

We're currently hard at work getting everything ready for the next set challenge league, and as part of that 2.3.0 update we'll be releasing dozens of new unique items. These include a significant number designed by our supporters, four of which we are excited to reveal today.

Nuro's Harp

An effective elemental bow at its core, Nuro's Harp also slots beautifully into a support role in party play. With this in hand, you can ensure your melee allies are topped up, and your foes have to contend with a frosty battlefield.

Saemus' Gift

Bows are a popular item for certain caster builds right now. While this is a solid choice for those builds currently, the possibilities this quiver opens up on the top or left sides of the passive tree, or the opportunity to scale lightning attack damage as a CI character, are certainly something to explore.

Cloak of Tawm'r Isley

A strongly-defensive body armour for your standard summoner build, the Cloak of Tawm'r Isley gets very exciting when you consider how that bottom mod can factor into the build as well. Or maybe you can just use it to hunt down the absolute best crafting bases.

Touch of Anguish

While building for critical strikes on a claw-based character is never a bad idea, it will take a little more than that to make full use of Touch of Anguish's key mods. But once you do, the coverage this weapon provides on a busy battlefield is nearly unrivalled.

All of these items and many more will be available when the next league launches in early June!
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weezamon wrote:
there is an extra "the" in the flavour text on the cloak.
Should be fixed now!
✮ Web Developer #2 ✮
Kaemonarch wrote:
I think "Critical Strikes do not CAUSE freeze" is the most self-explanatory wording, letting you know that they don't cause freezes but without implying that you can't freeze on them
That description really does imply that, though.

In fact, not only does it imply that, it technically flat-out states it. If you critically strike something with the item, and roll a freeze on freeze chance, or have always freeze, etc, then you dealt a critical strike, and that strike, which was a critical strike, caused a freeze on the enemy. Which is what your description says won't happen.

Given that the accurate "Critical Strikes don't cause freeze if they wouldn't have caused freeze if they weren't critical" is both horribly long and horribly horrible, and any description of the form "critical srtikes don't [cause/trigger/force] freeze" will imply that critical strikes cannot freeze to a significant number of people, we went with the least-bad option we had.

It may help understanding to consider that your character has "Critical Strikes always Freeze" - this mod is taking that property away.
Last edited by Mark_GGG on May 9, 2016, 2:25:42 AM
Raudram wrote:
It is consistent for offensive ground effects
It's consistent for all of them. On-kill effects with a location happen at the location of the kill that caused them.
Not doing that would be inconsistent, regardless of how much sense you argue it makes. In this case, the consistent implementation also fit with what the supporter wanted to achieve, which is nice.

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