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Pure caster QUIVER?????????????????

Horrible game-design.
Inarion1986 wrote:

Shppy wrote:
Of course, that begs the question of why critical strikes always freeze/shock/ignite in the first place...

Because it was implemented that way? Because it's a basic rule in this game? Maybe even something like a law of nature in Wraeclast?

"it's always been that way" doesn't mean it's acceptable balance, it's a completely ridiculous notion that simply building crit (which is already almost always the best route for damage) should also make you superior at applying ailments than non-crit builds attempting to specialize in them.
Woooobbbooobooobobobobbbbb Cant wait to hear the drop ;)
Garbage items are garbage.

Oh well, more alch shards.

very excited about that new cloak, though i do wonder when youll give some resists to summoner items since keeping the player alive is always so tough if you want to do damage.

At first i was sad when i saw that last property was only magic items since i mainly play magic find. then i realised what the build enabling part was you referred to. I havnt really tried ainmate weapon as a build but having access to all the magic weapons sounds like a very strong upgrade for them. as if the blind and minion leech wasnt exciting enough
this quiver for lightning spells with voltaxic bow :D

arc or lightning ball with voltacix bow and this quiver will be awesome :D
Tzaina wrote:
Pure caster QUIVER?????????????????

Horrible game-design.

this is voltaxic bow's quiver for lightning spell casters..

so chaos damage FTW

Great more junk we will need to sell to the vendors :).
Love the bow and quiver..OP
Nice, GGG supports current meta to force players to create more new characters, presumably in new leagues. Awesome strategy to keep temp leagues alive.
and I've only died 39 times. (c) Libbritania ( tokimeki ).

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