[Hunt] Star of Wraeclast

IceyDevil wrote:
couldn't you just vaal a level 1 lightning warp and then level it as normal?

of course, but the 'best deal' is indeed trying to catch the biggest possible fish with winning the +1 level possibility from 19 to 20.
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kamil1210 wrote:
nice cooldown

Felix35071 thanks!
It's a shame the skill granted is borderline useless... Since it seems to be the same one used by the boss of that Merveil themed Unique Map, I would've liked to see it curse with Temporal Chains in the area you arrive at.

Would fit thematically, and give the skill some actual use.
kamil1210 wrote:
nice cooldown

21 does NOT work :s
kamil1210 wrote:
nice cooldown

needs fortify around the car

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released

I did some testing

Here is how to get a perfect star of wraeclast

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