[Hunt] Star of Wraeclast

If you're looking to use this recipe specifically, couldn't you just vaal a level 1 lightning warp and then level it as normal?

i.e. if you plan on using Star at high level, vaal a lightning warp asap while leveling and you will get it naturally, rather than leveling one to 19-20 twice if it bricks.

Or vaal a level 19 like Jaille said. There's even a level 19 gem divination card now, might be some level 19 warps lying around on trade.
I think the ruby ring cannot be corrupted, I can't get the recipe to work.

Edit: Confirmed, does not work with corrupted unique ruby ring
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Great find, wow that was much easier than i expected it to be in all honesty.

Funny thing is i was close, i tried non-corrupted 20 and 20/20 and vaal warps with unique ruby and onyx but not regular corrupted lightning warp (didnt own one).

Nice job.
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beautiful, Ive made one and skinned it onto an op talisman already :D
JohnNamikaze wrote:

Any rarity works, I actually ended going through a lot of onyx amulets (normal, magic, or rares) to get really good rolls since each onxy amulets would yield me different results (values) from the vendor recipe. I think this can be applied to gem itself (would not recommend it) and any unique ruby rings.

I was lucky to have a level 20 LW around and did not brick when vaaling. lol

This is the best I got. Max cold dmg, lowest implict fire res, and lower half (10-12) of the all res roll.

Bought about 10 amulets from the vendors and alched them all to swap out, also had 2 mokous to try. Luckily I already had a lvl 20 corrupt LW, I'm happy with the result. :)

Thanks Felix35071, been anxiously waiting for this to be found!
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Thanks man, I was in love with the amulet when I first saw it just for the curse radius. I went through a ton of onyx amulets before being okay with my rolls. Cheers m8!

Felix35071 wrote:
Tis I who have discovered the recipe. Feels good.

Well done! I can't wait to make this for my Witch. :) Silence-immune and the 50% cold damage rocks
nice cooldown

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With a cooldown that long I wish it had 3 charges like flame dash.

As-is, I find illusory warp is not worth the hotkey slot.
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