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At what point is PoE going to be "done" and you all move on to other projects? What's the picture look like for the game after this?

That's so far in the future that we can't even picture what it'd be like. We have a multi-year plan, and as long as you keep playing, we'll keep expanding Path of Exile.

The patch note was accidentally based on earlier iterations of Flame Totem balance. Further changes to the skill had occurred after these changes which has resulted in the patch note being incorrect. The changes were intended. It's now about 10% less damage at level 20, rather than no change at level 20.

I really debated whether to respec my FT Templar into another skill. I was feeling it was a little under powered to continue in end game but I was almost at Level 20 and felt "Well, at least I won't lose any power, I'll keep going." My decision was based largely on the information in the patch note. Even though I immediately felt under-powered after respeccing I assumed I must have been imagining things.

I realize this was an unintentional error but patch note info really does impact us. Please do your best to double check for accuracy in the future.
I would love to know what is needed for a professional to join a company like GGG.

A New Zealand work visa, lots of game development experience, and a portfolio of awesome games/code/art.

What about being the one guy that called most of the new contents that made it into the game years before they were implemented? that have awesome ideas about a lot of stuff. That one person is still waiting for Alpha membership after 5 years.
ZiggyD is the Labyrinth of streamers, some like it, some dont, but GGG will make sure to push it down ur throat to make you like it
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Love the Q&A posts. Thanks for all the insight!
Thanks for answering my question about pvp. We know it's a difficult part of the game to work on and balance. Any form of communication about it is greatly appreciated, especialy because it seems that no one read or react on the dedicated sub forums (or maybe you enjoyed the tiramisu recipe too much ^^).

You got a really dedicated community here, it's nice to know we are not entierly ignored.
The "Mirror" answer made me laugh a ton. :)
Thank you Chris for answering our question

2015 has been an amazing year for Path of exile, I'm really looking forward for what's coming up in 2016. Keep up the amazing work!
What about the "Catch the Lava Fish" achievement? Currently it is impossible to catch lava fish without the rail catching on fire. Is this indented?
I would like a new server new Montreal in canada for a lower ping :)
Thanks for all the answers Chris.

I wish you guys would lean more towards adding the league content as the default plan.
Warbands would be great as an occasional encounter similar to rogues.
Tempests were the best thing that has been added to the map system, making low maps worth running for even the highest level players.
Even if talismans spawned as rare as corrupt zones they would make a nice little change of pace.

Rare encounters break up the grind, keep things interesting, and can create memorable and shareable moments.
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