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Thanks Chris, excited for Ghost flame wings :)
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Great answers, thanks you for the information. I would like to know if a Icestorm MTX would be technically possible because not being able to see chilled ground map effects or my mouse is very annoying.
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A lot of cool information.

one question I didn't see asked or selected (not sure this was requested in the 80 pages post):

Is there any plan to change the cost of master mod crafting at lvl8 ? Not all master should request exalted orb to craft the level 8 mods, this is causing insane inflation in the market and is very frustrating. There should be a mix or different currencies including chaos/regal.
I want to use exalt for this primary purpose ! Add one more mod. But at 80+ chaos for 1 exalt currently in temp league, I won't ! I would rather buy an item with EX.
Also 1 chaos = 1 regal

Darkshrine race had a very cool economy where a lot more currencies matter (alt, augment, regal). This was not all about EX.
Great read!
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Looking forward to the new content. Of all the development teams for the games I've followed of late, GGG is defiantly the most dedicated and willing to communicate. You guys rarely disappoint!
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when I first started playing the game it was: THIS GAME WILL HAVE 10 ACTS!!!

now its just: blah blah blah typical vague response from Chris
PoE 2 is actually happening :D
She's about tree mastery, and her Ascendancy class represents that.

Great, now I am hyped even more! :P
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Thanks for taking the time to answer all of those questions!

It was a fun read.
Chris wrote:
I would like to know if the Rigwald's Unique Items are gated by item level or something similar to this.

They are gated by the level of Rigwald. The ring requires a level 60 Rigwald, the Quiver 70 and the Sword/Axe 75.

You should come up with a recipe for them or change this, even with the current item level formula for next tier, this makes pretty much every white/blue talisman pre 70 or so completely worthless after you have gotten the ring, and discourages people rerolling and keeping the league alive.
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