Answers to your Questions!

These are a lot of fun to read. Thanks for doing these, guys, and I hope it becomes a lasting tradition!
Who is the highest level GGG member in the Talisman league at the moment? And what core are they playing?

Some members of the quality assurance department are in the 90s in Hardcore Talisman. I'm 79 in that league currently.

Serious? Who believes in Santa Klaus AND the Easter bunny, believes in this one.
OK, well ... being a developer ..... muahaha ...

Offering one-million-dollar-bet !!!
Chris Wilson has to play one of his own new HC-league.

1.) Only self-found; and no cheating.
2.) No other players helping. (only solo)
3.) Has to reach Level 90 in 2 weaks; if dying in the 2nd week, then Level 85.
4.) Aaaaaand.....if entering a map, then the map-boss is a must-do!!!!!!

My milion is soooooooo safe!


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Will speccing an ascendency class reset my full passive tree reset? (Thus making me lose my passive tree reset?)

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