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Any tips for someone that is starting to study programming for games? and what type of code do you guys used to make the game? like c++ c# etc
Are there plans to make a blade vortex MTX effect or siege ballista totem effect in the near future?
BerMalBerIst1 wrote: What if GGG doesn't nerf anything and decides to buff a bunch of stuff?

666lol666 wrote: In that case someone has kidnapped their kids and is forcing them to do so. These guys are allergic to buffs, they are in love with the nerfhammer!
What would the end-game application of the Labyrinth be? Only to craft an implicit mod on 1 item, or will there be any loot aswell? Something special maybe?
As far as I understand, you only have to do it 3 times (once in each difficulty) to get the full benefit from it (aside from the implicit mod crafting)...
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Darkshrine was originally a rejected league idea. What are some other ideas for leagues that you have had that were rejected and why? Do you think that if you ran ideas for leagues by the players that you would get a better idea of if they would be good even if you all would reject them otherwise? There might be some league ideas that you all either did not give yourself enough credit for thinking of or just didn't think through enough that might just work out if implemented after players heard about it and gave you feedback.

Thank you for your time.
Do GGG staff believe in Flying Spagettti Monster ?
Squirrel is love, Squirrel is life.
Do you think 2-hand melee is on par with duel wield or 1-hand+shield builds? And if not is there any current idea/plan to make it more balance?
1. What are your thoughts on the Power level and interactions that the reworked Poison mechanic and new support have added to the game?

2. Crit vs Non-Crit, how do you feel about the balance between these two?

3. Armour vs Evade vs ES, how happy are you with the 3 base type defensive stats effectiveness?
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1.would you add new recipe about tailsman to increase the drop of rare tailsmans in later patch?

I found that it's too few to get rare tailsman by farming map, most of them are magic and even normal.
I think a new recipe is necessary.for example, use 5 same base types tailsmans to get a same base types tailsmans that have more chance could becom rare.

2.will the third ascendancy classes of shadow be mainly about chaos and posion?
according to the patch of 2.1, shadow is a character good at chaos/posion. it would be intersting if posion/chaos is shaodw's ascendancy classes
on as grand scale as possible what are some improvements from a whole new systems pov the dev team would love to see in PoE going forward? or rather what are some of the most urgent large scale additions PoE needs from the point of view of the developers?

Enchanced party system, in game trading system, pvp solved in a way where super rich aren't the only ones playing ? somehow bringing the client to meet todays technological standards? something completely different?

Also what are bottlenecking PoE development at the moment? lack of resources?, difficulty of recruiting more staff? If you could add more of some part of the game team personel to GGG what spots are most in demand?

Are there some things you desperately would love to do but for some reason those additions seem atm impossible? if so what?

I absolutely hate companies that tease their loyal players for YEARS before content comes out but i would still love to know a little of the grand arching design directions the game is moving towards.
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