Q&A with the Developers!

Are there any plans to release Power and Endurance charge versions of Blood Rage?

Any plans to sway players to take less popular nodes like Conduit, Avatar of Fire and Unstable Minions? Same can be said of Skill gems. (Elemental Hit. Flame Surge, Conversion Trap)

Any plans to change Animate Weapon? Perhaps allowing Bow and Wand minions?

I see Earthquake is planned for Ascendancy, and recently we have lore about Druids, therefore can we expect to see more Nature related skills? Perhaps even 'Holy' since it too is a side of thaumaturgy.

Is ES reservation ever going to be a thing?

Are there any Plans to have a Bestiary of sorts where you can read about the Monsters you have killed (both lore and Gameplay)?
For future seasons, or at least just one season as an experiment, will you consider a fixed number of stash tabs for everyone, regardless of how many tabs that player has acquired, so that everyone plays on equal foot? If not, would you consider raising the number of the default stash tabs for free to play accounts at some point?
Are there any plans to implement an in-game "search" function in the passive tree, which would work the same way than it works on the website?

Are there any plans to change the way the passive tree opens? Would probably be better to open it at the same location and with the same zoom ratio as when it was previously closed

Are there any plans to show in the death message which monster with which ability killed us? Sometimes it's really hard to figure out what happened.
Would still like a reclaim all button for microtransactions.
will there be a german translation of the game in the future?
is there a snowy area/map/act coming in the forseeable future?
In the first, the vanishing 'dye' is a welcome addition. With it now existing, a couple more questions/suggestions come to mind...

First: has any consideration been given to limited character customization in the vein of Torchlight 2 (that is, a range of head models, skin tones, hair styles and colors)?

Second: will we be seeing Blackguard skin packs? Four possible strains present themselves right off the bat: basic soldier, heavy soldier (which would also have a related shield skin), mage, and officer (seen at far right in this concept art - does not include the eyepatch).

Third: I imagine many would find these armor skins easier to manage were they attached to the player rather than the items proper, as I understand is the case in Terraria and Lord of the Rings Online (with an interesting addition referenced here). This implementation would allow players to upgrade their armor as they progress through the game without having to worry about transferring the skins.
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Any plans to apply damage shifts (i.e talismans, lightning coil, incandescent heart) after damage mitigation?
As they stand, the elemental damage shifts are pretty worthless pve considering that in maps your res pretty much always the same so there wouldn't really be a benefit going from fire dmg taken to lightning unless it is for pvp, but even so their use is still very limited. The only worthwhile damage shift to use atm for pve is phys taken as a particular element.

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