Q&A with the Developers!

When do we get to see the rest of the Ascendancy class specializations? Is the Ascendancy patch going to bring another skill tree reset?

Thanks for your answers!

P.S. Happy holidays!
Hi and thanks for the opportunity

How many recipes (excluding The Godess Unleashed) are currently undiscovered (or not widely knows as not on the wikia or the forums)
When the talisman league ends the content will be fully added to the core game ? and if so, there will be ways to reroll talismans like the Sacrifice pieces in the map device ?
Do you guys have a set amount of acts in mind for the game? Or are you just "winging" it? xD
How's it been to have a server in Brazil, did you guys noticed a increase with accounts and chars?
When will the game be able to run at max settings on high end machines? its sad to see people having to run it on medium to low. there's streamers out there with 980ti's playing without shadows.. personally i have a i7-4790k with an r9 390 and FPS can be all over the place from time to time.. its a shame and it keeps more people from getting into the game. :(
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Are you planning on letting us invite Tasuni to our hideout?
When is Guild love coming?
Thanks for the Q&A! I have two questions regarding summoners.

Question #1 -
I recently found out how well summoner builds work and have managed to climb the ladder pretty high. However, it is really frustrating to get new spectres every time you start the client which has made me never close the client (btw, item trading is pain in the ass when everyone knows you are never "online") - I've heard that there would be some changes in the future- any updates on the subject?

Question #2 -
It is nearly impossible to build your character correctly when your spectres don't show any base stats (min dmg, max dmg, crit chance etc). My build is far from perfect and one of the biggest reasons is because how very little GUI tells me information. One good example is when you use revenants as spectres, and you don't know if sixth gem link would be "Controlled destruction", "Critical damage" or "Added lightning" damage - we know that revenants deal lightning damage, but not how the range or critical hit strike chance goes. It would be insanely helpful to have some general idea what damage to boost, what curses and what jewels to use.
ign: tate
corrupted items: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/960647/
support vacuumer: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1452044
revenant summoner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1523047
loot filter: http://rofl.fi/tatedd.filter
Any news about trade system in game -- curency or items etc?

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