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I would like to know if the Rigwald's Unique Items are gated by ilvl or something similar to this.
Could you guys share this info?

Thanks for your time!

Best regards,
Are there any plans to make trading easier without needing to rely on third-party websites and programs?
will you marry me Bex?

when we choose Ascendancy class? from level 1? or 50?
I want to keep supporting Path of Exile when Ascendancy comes out. Will there be new supporter packs when Ascendancy releases? Thanks for such a fun game and all your hard work!
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Now that its been out for more than 1 league, are you guys satisfied with where you left the state of the game after 2.0.0 in regards to difficulty? I remember a quote from GGG saying the game would be noticeably more difficult after that patch, and you weren't lying.

Any chance we see another monster/defense re-balance in ascendancy?
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Hi ^^ I have a few questions, already goosebumps.
How did GGG you come togetherand what influenced the creation of just such a harsh game.
Which one of GGG developers the most hardcore gamer? What his favorite game?
When we see the act V?)))
When will we see more info regarding the remaining Ascendancy skill trees?
Two questions:

Has anyone in the offices ever dropped a mirror and if so, what was their reaction?

Can we expect some more melee skill gems come Ascendancy? I love melee and am running out of skills I haven't used.
Sure, the lab can be hard, but it's pretty easy if you're properly geared, and not terrible at the game.
Is there any chance of getting a Throwing Weapon added to the game ? Maybe changing the staff into a Lance being able to throw and mellee usage ?
What's happening with improvement to trading?

At what point is PoE going to be "done" and you all move on to other projects? What's the picture look like for the game after this?

How many supporter uniques are left in the queue?

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