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- Will you raise the lvl of map drops again?
I'm stuck at lvl 88 in talisman and ran out of maps above tier 6.

- will you fix lag when hovering over tooltip icons?
was introduced in a recent update. quite annoying.

- will you please make an easily accessible database (sort, search, suggestions..) of current unique items?
it is currently quite hard to find uniques that may help with a build. using the forums, reddit and the wiki and still I encounter uniques I've never heard of.

- will you please make maps stack in 3's in the chest, so low lvl maps can easily be vendored?

- will you fix latency issues on servers?
amsterdam, london and frankfurt double their ping between 19-23 GMT and get laggy.

- will there be another black cat event?
that was the best <3
My question is about the state of the three difficulties (Normal, Cruel and Merciless) I just got back into the the game after a longer break, right after rampage league, before the Awakening. So this is my first time through act4. I´m currently at lvl 84 Tsc.
Okay on to the question What do you think about having players run through the game three times? Similar games have this exact model, and to me it seems like a really old model to have today. Now with another act and possibly more in the future, running through 3 times feels as bad game design. (PoE is NOT a bad game! I love it, we all do!) In the podcast "State of Exile" ep.35, Chris briefly talk about statistic on where in the game players give up and quit the game. For my personal experience in similar games, where i "give up"/loose interest, is at the end or middle of the second play-through. Do you have stats on this for poe? I feel, if another act is to be added or even in the current state, that 2 play-trough should be enough. right now, you run Normal, exited to lvl up and try your new build, you get to Cruel, and your build starts to really take form, but you know i need to go trough it all again, just to do it all again! just to reach where you want to be. Its making me personally not want to lvl more characters doing a temp league.
So, : Do you plan to remove a difficulty ( example Cruel) so it feels more smooth to level, and getting more people to level more characters up.

/-****Bonus Question, Do you plan to reward player, that have had an account for a long time, with unique MTX/pets, like every time an account reach a 1 year old, you reward that player with something to show off in game, that that player have bin playing for X-amount of time. (Kinda like Steam, gives you a "Badge" every year you have bin a member, to show off on you Userpage. /

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Will we be able to buy more points or packs from other online gaming stores, for example kinguin, G2A, etc? Because every time i buy them from here my bank charges me some extra feeds and taxes, but from other places/stores this doesn't happen.
Do you guys have any plans of shortening act 4? like removing some kaom's areas, belly of the beast and scaling the bosses to be on the same difficulty as the bosses from previous acts? Because right now act 4 is painfully grindy and rippy compare to previous acts.
Are you considering any kind of automated currency pickup or do you like that we always have to evaluate if it's worth picking something up based on the time it takes? I personally wouldn't mind getting a few extra fusings from accumulating lots of portal scrolls.
Hello , i have a question , im a casual player yet for PoE and i wonder if u can add combat text and maybe a sistem that can help understand better how some stats work when i equip a new item to simply says + and - were and what , it will help a lot of newbies understand the game better until they go more 'hardcore" on the game , im asking couse i have a hard time comparing 2 x 1hands weapons wich is best , i simply put the one that gives the more " dps " but i dont find that a good solution , another way im asking is will make our life easy and the combat text will be nice if we can custom as we please as item filter , that will give us a way to have our own "impact" to the gameplay
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As a standard (permanent) league semi-casual player (sometimes i play every day, sometimes once per month) i would like to try exotic builds with legacy items but they are too expensive for players like me, for example if i put all my efforts and focus an entire day of my life to farm i would probably get an exalted orb, but some legacy items are being sold for 50+ of those orbs, even 200+ and at the rate i can play this game it would take me years to get such item which takes away all the fun sometimes, i beleive this is the same reason why you increased the drop rate of some unique items like shavs and mjolners, said this, the question would be: would be possible to bring back legacy items just for standard league? or do something to make some of them available to the casual player?(only in permanent league of course) like some sort of divination card that brings you an item from the old times?
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Just some random question about passive skill tree..

1. Why thick skin node cannot be accessed through outer road path? (from dex node before graceful assault and fatal blade cluster)
while the opposite corner are able to reach from outer path, like written in blood, purity of flesh, and bloodless cluster.

2. Why heart and soul cluster connected to be int node at the right side of witch stat path starting area instead of connected to int node between wand slinger and arcane vision int node?

If player want to access this node from right side (shadow/scion side), there are no benefit taking this 10 int node as player much better taking deep wisdom to enter the cluster.
and if they want to access from arcane vision area, they need to waste another stat to enter cluster.
In case you're still reading:

I'd like to see what I would think would be a very simple change. The Client.txt log file currently has no distinction between whisper you send and those you receive. Could some sort of indication of the direction of the message be added? Thanks!
If u still reading this, here is a couple of minor things that improve Poe experience

1. Removing Cruel
- I think many players have asked this long ago. When we can expect a the removal of cruel difficulty, so we dont have to do the main content 3 times. A bigger normal & merc difficulty is much better to play. Also removing cruel yield 8 skill points from cruel quests that needed to put somewhere. This 8 skill points are just enough to give player as a reward for beating that 4 final bosses in those 2 remaining difficulty.

2. In Game chat Improvement
- When we can expect be able to join multiple channels in a different chat tabs?
- Can we have ability to send offline whisper to players
- Please add timestamps in the chat msg.

3. Show Gateway in team windows
- Right now we can see where the player is playing in the public team, but we do not know which gateway they are playing. Can u add a small indicator for example Tropical Island (LON), indicating it is a London Gateway tropical Island.

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