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Maybe support gem that increese AI of summoned creatures?
Support gem that makes you throw out all charge up traps at once.
There are some support gems supporting projectiles, but there are none, which are supporting melee skills only in any way. Like making melee attacks AoE.
Keep your eyes peeled. Chris said they're working on one to improve Melee AoE capabilities.
I think it would be nice if you could see the new stats on a gem before you level it.

So, when it pops up on the right of your screen, and you hover over the gem, it could show you how the stats of the gem would change. Maybe even showing stat requirements that you do not meet in red.

As it is right now, i have to guess whether the requirement will be too high, or if the mana cost will increase too much. I can't see the reason not to let players make an informed decision before leveling an important skill.
Requirements are listed, actually.
If you don't hit the requirements, you won't be able to level the gem.

Listing what the next level yields for the skill is on the to do list.
How do support gems such as Item Quantity work? Will they work alone without a linked gem, will they work across the board if linked to any gem or will they only work if the monster in question has been hit by the skill its linked to?

Its not very clear at the moment exactly how this works. Although they all state on the bottom of the tool tip that they affect only the skill they're linked to, some support gem's descriptions seem to suggest that they will work without a gem linked to them.

Examples are Item Quantity which I mentioned above which simply reads:

20% increase quantity of items dropped by slain enemies.

Also Life Gain On Hit:

+12 life gained for each enemy hit by your attacks.

These two are two that stuck out in particular to me. The descriptions suggest that they would work alone despite the bottom of the tool tip and they also seem (might just be me,) that they would make more sense if they worked alone by nature of the bonuses given.

Can somebody clarify on this point?
Support gems never passively do anything. Their bonuses only apply to linked skills.
I am missing a support gem which combines two or three Skills together. maybe a lesser and greater one like the multiple projectiles.
It would be a very easy way to make the summoners more special. For example combining: Summon Skelletons with Fireball and the skelletons will shot fireballs.
Fix the bugs with leap slam. Im tired of pressing the button and having my marauder just run across the screen and swing his mace. When i press leap slam, my only mobility skill, i expect to jump the hell out of the enemies im surrounded by or jump into a band of them, and quite frankly jogging to the destination and swinging my weapon isn't a fun substitute.

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