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How about an auto cast support gem for spells? It would be similar to totem without using a totem.
I had a pretty cool idea for a support gem:

Nullification Gem (Any Color).

Nullifies any skill gems equipped in the same link, rendering them useless. All equipped passive gems are now applied to your default attacks.

Now it'd need some sort of a downside, so I was thinking of a small mana cost that increases every few levels. Or, more interestingly, it makes all equipped passive gems act as if they were several levels lower than they currently are, and as you level up this eventually evens out so that they are their natural level (by level 15 or so). But this gem would open up even more builds in this game where people could focus on being purely default-attack based (possibly using a lot of auras to further buff themselves).
How about aura support gems? Add static increases to stuff like hp,mp,def,es,eva.
is there something in the game like a gem combiner? Like you combine 3 gems(or more) of the same type and get a better one? Just a thought.
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Can we get a more obvious difference between support gems and skill gems... maybe a different colored name plate or something.
You mean like a different icon? Or maybe they should be named something that's rather obvious so that we don't think Increased Fire Damage is a skill gem. It would be so nice if that were the case.
Torvas wrote:

I kind of understand why you may not want to mix cold damage with lighting damage, since you made auras specific for each kind and you want people to be forced to switch to another aura in case they want to deal a different kind of elemental damage;[...]

Is a character only able to cast one of Anger/Wrath/Hatred at once?
I cannot test that since I don't have beta access.

Edit: I played 2 ob weekends so far and I had no difficulties identifying support gems. (Since it's about opinions here, I'm not trying to say anyone's wrong ;))
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playing templar without shared stash.
at about level 65 i still havent found/been offered any leech support gems.
is it that i had an extreme random draw or are there no leech supports for templar quests?
and the follow up question is ofcourse if there should be a tweak.
Quest rewards are fixed, besides the Rares (would be odd if you would always get the same rare :P ).
Is there any chance of getting a fusing support gem that allows the simultaneous execution of linked skills at additional mana cost? That is, for example, allows, say, Puncture to be used on the same target(s) as Frost Nova or Viper Strike?
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