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Missing feedback threads for the Divine Blessing and Eternal Blessing Support gems,

would like Divine Blessing to be instant cast (like banner) so I can refresh my reserved vitality while I move.
stopping for 0.5 seconds every 11 seconds is not a good time and highly risky especially when I need to move out of the constant danger that is this patch. danger cascades exponentially just by being still.
even just the lightning men that spawn under that 1 shot it makes for very high risky support gem.
DwaggieMorph wrote:
Don't really know if anyone else has thought if it already but with all the different support gems that can turn most skills into a totem, mine, etc.. I would love to see a support gem that turns a melee into 1-3 minions that uses that skill.

Just the thought of making your own dervish duo minion with cyclone, or having flicker striking minions seems hilarious and fun. I can easily see this as a bit OP but that's why we have damage reduction on many support gems.

I'd probably make the gem dex/str based.

Yes! Realy good idea. I want to see that too.

Also, I would like to see a support gem that makes a skill instant but add a cooldown to that skill.
My general problem with support gems is that their main use is to boost the damage of the skill. This should not be the purpose of them. Gems like Added X damage, or the generic DoT gems (Swift Affliction, Burning damage etc.) are horribly stupid and always mandatory for certain skills.

In my opinion support gems should add utility to a skill. Very good examples of utility support gems are:
Gems that change behaviour (Arrow Nova, Chain/Fork/Pierce, etc.)
Gems that debuff enemies (Chance to flee, Blind etc.)
Gems that encourage creative mechanics (Bloodlust, Behead, Iron Grip, Earthbreaker etc.)

Bad examples of utility gems are:
Gems that fix sustain (Mana Leech, Life Leech, Gain on Hit, etc.)
[Because they offer easy solutions for big problems]

The main solution to that problem (that I can think of) is to move the main damage to the skills. One further upside would be that players culd choose to not support their main damage skill at all, which would fix the mana issues many builds have for the opportunity cost of no utility and socket pressure, if they want to implement another utility skill or two.
1. Cursed ground have no its own thread here.

2. Cursed ground visuals is quite backward and that's quite upsetting.

Expected: When i cast curse i want to know area immediately, when it ends it may have some vfx, but i don't really care

What we have: Barely visible appearance smoothed over a second on cast; Great visible borders when it expires.

At the worst case just move expiration vfx to initial cast and that will be MUCH better
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Archan111 wrote:
1. Cursed ground have no its own thread here.

Thanks - I've added threads for the missing gems now.
Divine Blessing + Aura

The aura becomes supportable by increased duration and efficacy, this is expected result. However, since it has 0.5 cast time, why can't we support faster casting to it?
new skill: snipe
I can't search for the alternate quality version of the new skill gem snipe in poe trade. I can't tell if snipe with alt qual is just too rare or is it a bug? did anyone see one of the alt qual snipe?
Manaforged Arrows donesn't have its own thread on this forum.

My feedback: make Manforged Arrows shoot to the mouse cursor direction instead of "enemy" (random if not enemy near) direcction.
This "near enemy" interaction makes this support skill gem not very suitable for Farshot/Longshot builds because if the enemy is "too far" (but on the screen) it will shoot to the sides, or to the back, not hitting the enemy (for example, bosses)
Didn't see a thread for Manaforge Arrow support. I've been using it for a while and I really like the idea behind it. However, there are some major flaws with this support.

1. The tracking distance is way too small. If I shoot a bit off screen, the arrows won't track the monsters. I need to stand almost half screen closer for the arrows to hit. Not only that, the arrows don't go where I want them to go.

As being an archer, I tend to shoot things off screen.

Please make it so when Manaforge proc, it fires WHERE I click. If this is too strong, then at least make the tracking distance longer. Thank you!

So many times I want to proc Mirror Arrow closer to the Boss and yet it only appears right beside me. The tracking distance is just way too small IMO.
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