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Discuss the implementation of Support Gems, their mana cost multipliers, and their role in the game here.
Balance & Design
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Balance & Design
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Hi, I have a comment on the support gems that add fire or cold damage, why can't they be used to implement the effect of auras that add elemental damage (e.g., Wrath and Hatred)? It would be cool if those auras could be improved using support gems.

I kind of understand why you may not want to mix cold damage with lighting damage, since you made auras specific for each kind and you want people to be forced to switch to another aura in case they want to deal a different kind of elemental damage; however, you could still allow the upgrade of an aura with support gems that deal the same kind of elemental damage (e.g., Hatred + support gem that adds cold damage).

Well because auras don't do damage first of all so they're not allowed because they dont' do anything. They didn't just decide that they shouldn't work. Secondly it would add a lot of complexity and take time to pick proper values for the interactions between the two, given that they're not comparable. Consider that for increasing the mana reserve slightly you can add additional damage to ALL your weapon skills without needing to increase their costs at all. And it also affects your allies and basic attacks so it's significantly harder to balance.
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Should we turn this thread into New Suuport Gem Suggestion thread?

Feedbacks should go into their respective support gem thread.

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I think it would be cool to add some defensive support gems.

This gives players more options on how to play, which is the intent of gems correct? Also I really think support gems should start dropping earlier in the game. If not, then why does low level gear have the sockets?

Is there a reason I cant link more than 1 of the same support gem to a skill gem and gain the same effect more than once?

Just seems to limit what I wanted to do with using 3 additional projectiles support gems to my poison arrow
I would like some support gems to support slower/jousting type play. Something like:

Charging (red)
- reduce damage by 20%(?)
- increase damage by 10% per 0.2(?)sec on supported gems

Chasing (green)
- reduce damage by 20%(?)
- increase damage by 10% per x units traveled by player on supported gems

With their respective caps.
I have question:
It is possible to change look of these gems? Because they look similar to skill gems, so could You apply some, I don't know special look for them?
They do already have a different appearance than skillgems and it's rather obvious

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