State of the Beta - Post #4

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Last week's patch

Last week's patch introduced a lot of changes to the beta, including the Deterministic Lockstep mode.

While we had done a lot of internal testing with it, this was the first time we have had a large scale test of the mode. It held up very well, and players seem to be enjoying it. There were a few new issues identified, though, and we are working through them.

Towards the end of last week we added additional servers to the beta in various new locations. The lower-latency play offers many players further improvements to the Deterministic Lockstep experience.

The other introduced features have also been testing well, and providing us with a lot of useful feedback.

Forced crashes

Last week a small number of players began to abuse an instance crash bug. While we appreciate crashes being found, we don't need many to see it in the logs. Repeated ongoing crashes is not healthy for the servers (which also run the live realm), and using those crashes for economic gain also messes with our ability to properly assess aspects of the beta.

We will be removing players from the beta who deliberately and repeatedly force crashes for their own benefit.

Upcoming patch

After a few smaller patches last week, I am putting together a larger patch to keep the beta up to date with all the work and fixes being developed internally.

We have a couple of reworked skills (Punishment and Shock Nova) we hope to be adding, as well as the completed leech changes.

Are we still on track?

Number of issues: 698

A late-June launch is very unlikely at this point, but we are still on track for early July. With that in mind we are going to be aggressive with adding the planned new content.

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We finally have the Divination Card Submission page finished. It will be launched at the start of our workday tomorrow morning (so that we're around to reply to the submissions and to fix problems if they occur). I'm very sorry about it taking so long, but am very excited to get some of the awesome designs I've been hearing about into the game.
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Shock nova build viable finally?
ooh cards.

must get my pack soon :)
I need more purple titles
Damn. Early Jul is going to suck for me. I hope things eventually gets pushed back to a late Jul launch xD
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