State of the Beta - Post #4

Qarl wrote:
A late-June launch is very unlikely at this point, but we are still on track for early July. With that in mind we are going to be aggressive with adding the planned new content.

So, it will be released in late August most likely..?
I don't plan to play the game until November/December.. :P
launch early september confirmed
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early december full release hype Kappa
It`s taking soooooo loooooong. Shock Nova please be usable as a main skill!!!
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HegemonyTV wrote:
698 issues? lol omg

It's not that amazing.
I think I work on a smaller piece of software and it has 1400 known issues currently.
90% of those are mostly cosmetic or change requests.

I think POE has 'issues' like inbalanced gems and other stuff we don't call game braking. I don't think all of the 698 issues will be resolved in the 2.0 release and new issues will be added.
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If this is pushed out to July, are there plans for another throwback league or something to help us pass the time? I wish the torment/bloodlines leagues had been allowed to run a little longer.
698 problems and i've got time
You have entered Ghetto.
Keep up the good work!

4th page! thanks for update!


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Shock nova... Again ?


Reduced mana cost.


Increased base critical strike chance from 3% to 4%.
Mana cost has been reduced.


Damage progression increased. By skill level 15, it's doing 14% more damage than before.


Damage increased by 14%.


Increased cast speed.


Improved the effects.


Shock Nova has been reimplemented so that it doesn't scale its damage with distance and doesn't hit monsters that are close to you.


Increased the critical strike chance.


Set the default critical strike chance of Shock Nova (2,6%).


Now scales all damage from support gems in the same way as the main skill damage (based on distance).
Shock Nova now deals its damage from outside (maximum damage) to inside (minimum/no damage).
The outside damage is dealt first. It is a linear damage progression (not exponential) now.


Fixed a bug with Shock Nova's damage calculation if the Area of Effect was increased.
Reduced upper Shock Nova damage by 30%.


Changed the damage equation for Shock Nova so that the deadzone immediately around the player works better.
It's now much more important to have enemies at maximum range.
Reduced damage and collision size.

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