State of the Beta - Post #4

My maps crashed yesteday on live realm. And the area that i explored on the map was needed to be discovered again to appear on the mini map since when i walked to it again the monsters are already dead.
Duelist is kylo ren -_-

We will need to be "Highgate Supporter" to be able to make submissions for Divination Cards? Or will ideas of the general community also be considered?
Thanks for doing these Carl, much appreciated.
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2th page hype xD
I really hoped Chris would say "First!!!" before his comments..
Dissapointed :/

On the topic:
Ban them abusers!
Put them on the registered server offenders list.

Can we have any info about the Asian gateway?
We can still access Singapore by manually writing it. Are you going to replace it with some other location? (Hopefully yes, and hopefully Hong Kong or Japan)
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698 issues? lol omg
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BurakUeda wrote:
I really hoped Chris would say "First!!!" before his comments..

If it makes you feel better, Qarl did say "First"
First Div Crad - Wisdom Scroll !
Staying up all night for nothing. :(
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