State of the Beta - Post #2

The first State of Beta post can be found here.

Balance Patch

A beta patch was released late last week that focused on balance changes. It contained some large changes to the Reduced Mana support gem and auras. Rory has written a manifesto post on the changes here.

We do appreciate your feedback! Please note that nothing is yet final on the beta. Once we start locking stuff in, we'll let you know.

Patch later this week

We have many changes on our internal testing server that have yet to be deployed to the Beta.

We are hoping to have a patch deployed by Friday. I expect we will have the lockstep and desync changes included in this patch. It should also include a lot of area/layout changes and Act 4 voice acting.

New content

We are not ready to introduce the rest of Act 4 yet, but we're still adding new content.

One new skill should be added, which we will post more news about this week.

We should be introducing a new unique item, many new jewels and changes to existing jewels.


We have made good progress on some specific features such as Deterministic Lockstep. We need to concentrate on finalising content.

We are still on track for the late June/early July release discussed in last week's state of the beta post.

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Can't wait to check the new skill. Nice...
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Take your time! Thx for the update
Sounds awesome... great work guys/girls.
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sounds good
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
Woo, sounds good!
thx for update
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Nice work everyone! :)
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