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Im looking for guild. Come from Poland. Have 2 characters = ARC WITCH and Culler (still work with lvl and gear).
Need guild for some grind/farm/MF and so on. Play everyday. Leave message PM
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im a new player, looking for a guild. i enjoy the hardcore leagues so far, and sometimes participate (however briefly) in the hardcore ladders.
Looking for a mature, social and active guild to have fun with.
Hello, looking for a guild for maps and chill out, playing casually. mostly challenge league in hc.
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Hi! I am looking for guild with decent number of players and focused on temporary leagues (Standart version).
Hi, I'm looking for a guild that maps all day! I'm playing in the standard league (australian Gateway)
Hi all.

Lf a talisman Guild. Play both HC and SC so hit me up. Like to team up and have some fun.


Hello all.

Ranger lev 90 searching standard guild. I can help some small, new guild too :).

Searching friendly, adult players. I not using TS, but can be many h in game, expect if I make again my procurement shop :).

My game nickname: JoannaDeDarc , languages: polish, a little bit english.

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Hi, I am LF guild, standard player, eu gateway. Playing almost daily, from 6pm, few caracters, curently working on CoC wander. LF fun guild, little exp players to learn new stuff and try to better.
Hello there, im looking fora a guild aswell, america gateway, been playing since beta, playing softcore league.

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