Guild Recruitment Channel: Global Chat #100

I´m new in poe and I´m looking for an english/spanish guild to play togheter in affliction league. Ign: Helein
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Tried typing /global 100 into in game chat and nothing happened other than it saying I joined the channel.

Im looking to join a guild.
Charater name: Red_Lust
PSN: XadmiredX

test reply
Hi I am looking for the guild, Playing in the standard league. Name BlondyAngel :)

Je cherche une guilde française (Québécoise) Vous-pouvez m'inviter. Merci

Returning player, used this league to learn a good deal about the complex system that evolved since I played the game, I think more than 10 years ago or something. I am playing a good amount, like 4-5 hours/day on average maybe. I was able to get multi mirrors wealth recently when I finally stepped up the MF strategy, even dropped a raw one. There are still so many things I need to learn and try out and being part of guild that has people who can help with that would be great. I will of course offer my assistance where needed as well. Currently on holidays missing the game and I thought about posting here to find a guild home :)
SC trade League

Hi, i'm looking for a guild / group to share progress in the campaign and atlas in the next league. I want to lower my current best time in SSF of 5 hours for the campaign by playing with a group.
SC trade League

Looking for a guild.
Looking for a chill but dedicated clan, im swedish but i also speak dutch and english.

Ign/steam: Strormy / SLeXiMisT
Global 100 is not used for guild recruitment anymore, I suggest deleting/renaming the thread so people stop coming here asking for guilds.

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