Guild Recruitment Channel: Global Chat #100

Nice idea
Nice job thinking of creating a global chat server for the guild. Keep up the good work sirs.
xRoque wrote:
GL with that.

Thank you!
I like the idea
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As soon as enough of the leaders I know get online, today, we'll be doing another round of recruiting in this channel. If any other leaders are interested, please contact me in game (Mortimer_Wilson) so I can add you to friends and contact you when we're ready to roll.

I'll do the fishing while ya'll rake em in ;-p
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The thread got sticky, thanks everyone for your support. Let's make use of this tool from now on.
Nice to see this got stickied
<BLÍSS> Recruitment

I like potato
Wonderful Idea I will pop in every once in a while....good job
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thanks for doing this

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