Guild Recruitment Channel: Global Chat #100

The Global Chat Channel #100 is the official Guild Recruitment Channel.

To join, type the following in the Chat Window in-game:

/global 100
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Thats a very good idea.

Yes, please spread the word! This is a great idea. The more people who know about it, the better.

To all recruiting Guild Leaders and Guild Officers, let's start making use of this Guild Recruitment Channel!

EDIT 1: Me, Samkiud and FusionReactor were in /global 100 last night doing this and it seemed to have caught on very fast. However, there needs to be more Guild Leaders willing to participate in the /global 100 Guild Recruitment Channel in different leagues during different hours of the day.

EDIT 2: /global 100 has now been made the official channel for Guild Recruitment!
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I think this would be a great idea. It will allow new players to easily find a guild while enabling guilds a place to promote themselves. Spread the word!
I'm a Pirate and I support this idea. Good job, Sam!

I can't believe it took this many years for someone to think this up.
GL with that.
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xRoque wrote:
GL with that.

The ones who are doing it tonight are actually raking in members FYI. I've been going around and promoting the channel and brought a shit ton of peeps to it.

I spammed this in all globals and in every town/every dif:

Type /global 100 for guild recruitment. Recruiters from different guilds are there to recruit you, if you are looking for a guild. If you are currently in a guild, please tell your officers and leader about this new channel so it catches on even more.

worked like a charm

The trick is to get the leaders to party up and communicate while one flies around and spams the shit out of every place they can. The potential members come flying in. That also means we all have to be nice to each other. Wow, what a concept.
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support :P
Thumbs up!
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