Guild Recruitment Channel: Global Chat #100

I think you guild leaders that are recruiting should organise this thing yourselves instead of waiting for fusion (if you are) because he's been gone for a while and im not sure when he's returning, though hopefully soon.

Ugh effort
obviously not being used
femgeek900 wrote:
obviously not being used

Recruiting for Archnemesis League/Siege of the Atlas!
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Im looking for a guild. Been playing on and off for 3 years.
Recruiting for guild "PathOfSion" I am on global chat 100 whenever I am on, use the channel, its an awesome idea!
LFG guild. Anything, just lot of ppl in guild chat.
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Hmm this chat room is empty ^^
Afura wrote:
Hmm this chat room is empty ^^

About as dead as this post. Warbands global 710 is working but this global 100 isnt. [I am talking about Warbands] Today (Saturday) i checked global 100 once in the morning (9 am EU time) and in the evening (10 pm EU time) and both times the channel was empty.
looks like it's not heavily used. I'm there now tho and looking for active, mature guild. I'm new to the game, one Templar to act3 on warbands and some other low level mess around toons.

hardcores? Ebglish? texas server? teamplayers? noob friendly? grumpy old guy LFGuild...
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LFG just started playing again since The Awakening. fairly good, and can be online alot. msg me.

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