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Looking for a casual guild. I play daily. Highest lvl character is 67 witch act 4 merciless. I'm just now getting into some of the end game content like maps and really trying to optimize my gear. It would be nice to have a helpful group of folks to hang out with and trade. I'm primarily playing my character Qalima in Warbands right now and have never played the PvP. Msg me if you're recruiting.
Hi all i started to play a little bit before awakening, but with the beta going on i take some time off.

Im 29 and live in Spain
I only play hardcore leagues, when a char die i just go to standard and dump everything.
I only played 3 chars, first one died at 40 (Static strike duelist) second at 84 (non crit EK) and this new one im rerolling (level 20 ATM, want to make a flameblaster)

I am looking for a hardcore guild who wants to introduce people to the end game, i am a very active player.
I would really like an active guild with IRC/skype/RC group, because i usually feel a bit lonely and when i saw in streams people mapping togheter or just talking the game looks 1000 times more fun.

I will be almost every day online form 00:00 GMT+1 onwards... until 9AM that i have to go to work.

I play a lot of POE way more then wifey approves of.I also play a lot of tabletop RPG's and really enjoy the comradery the game brings. One of the things I like about playing D&Diish games online is you play on "skype" and get to shoot the shit with your pals and have a good time. I was playing POE with a couple of buds but things are starting to fizzle out.

I would really like to find a guild that is active and uses headsets. I find it distracting having to type whilst playing. I find the gameplay is much smoother when you don't have to hit the enter button every time you need to talk to someone.

If your active guild hit me up.

I live on the East coast of the US. MY schedule's pretty wide open so don't be afraid to hit me up just because we live far apart.


I havent been playing long but I am a supporter and have been playing an unhealthy amount since I found this game. Starting to wish I had people to go out hunting with, ultimately I want to farm Atziri (solo, or with a group) and get a little guidance to all the fun OP builds I cant afford now.

I am pretty low maintenance I just want to kill stuff and LOOT!
Msg me: MjolnerPK for guild!
MF for life
Msg me: MjolnerPK for guild!
MF for life
Hi there!

I am a 29 years old Spaniard who is looking for a hardcore guild to play.
I have been playing for 3 months now, always hardcore.
I would like to joind a guild to met some friends on POE, MAP, and daily togheter. I will also like to have some teamspeak or something, because right now i feel like im missing a huge thing without people to share the RNG divine commands.

Now im waiting 1MHC event and looking to do it with some brothers in arms!
I reached level 84 (EK) and 87 (flameblast) on tempest Zana mods toke away flameblast little bit ago but if there is people willing to reroll i will do it!
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HeyGuys im the guild leader of my friends guild, but they are too casual / quited so im looking for ppl to play with, lmk if there are any guild recruiting :)

Im a 28 years old spanish guy. I play on EU server, my disponibility is nights/ some mornings (fuking job) id rather to play HC leagues or if not possible standard.

My characters are open if you wanna take a look.

Im looking for ppl to rush early leagues, do end-game content,etc cuz playing solo its a bit boring...

What i mean is im looking for TEAMPLAY :)

PM me if someone is interested, regards.

I am 26 years old dude. I'm looking for European HC guild for the upcoming Darkshrine HC.

I used to play SC, then HC, then SC and HC again. I often mix leagues so i can enjoy all kind of leagues. My current goal is to find Hardcore-oriented english-speaking european guild.

I have few years of experience in PoE, i tried a lot of diffrent things and learned a lot from my mistakes. Even tho i never had a Guild in PoE i did played quite regularly with some cool bros i met in-game. Recently those guys are rare to catch, so it's difficult to find consistent and reliable players.

My aim is to build solid 90-ish level char (regardless of the levelling part, probably high tank melee char at late game). Hopefully i will have more spare time for PoE in the next 30days.

You can find me in-game IGN: CrashRipExpexted_V / TrapperinoCrash

Hello, looking for SC EU guild play month event. Im 33y old, POE play from beta to now.

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