"Unable to join PvP queue because - you have withdrawn from this tournament"

I got the same error...
Unable to join any PVP stuff
It start to spread to all my characters as well, can somebody do something ?
i can't pvp, wtf it's a joke? admin go fix this shit. one week and not fix, you working or you joking.
I waiting 1 hour for search a pvp fight and i leave queue after 1 hours because i sleeping and i ban pvp.... FUCK OFF BITCH.
Same problem... was waiting and waiting... stopped searching for PVP games to go PVE now i cannot join 1v1 pvp

"Unable to join PvP queue because - you have withdrawn from this tournament"

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We are discussing this problem both here AND in the PvP Feedback forum... .
Maybe the best way to get GGG's attention to this is that every player who is confronted with the problem contacts support personally.

It has been days now and they still didn't fix it... for the first time I'm disappointed by GGG... .
omg, no reaction from the admin after one week period it. good game admin, I see that you care about player problem.

I am very disappointed that you have leave them alone player.
Pretty boring bug ...
Happened to me too on 1v1 ... tought ok maybe i've made a mistake somewhere.

Yesterday i entered capture the flag 3v3 we win & i left after 1st match then i queued again to be sure i havent the same withdraw shit from 1v1 ... wasnt i queued succesfully.

Today i try to queue again (3v3 capture flag) for my leo quest and surprise the withdraw bug strike again.
Can we have fix GGG ?
since ggg will not come to give answer here , I inquired and obtained here is the answer

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us about this. We're sorry to hear there has been an issue here.

This is currently a known issue, and the development team are working hard to find a solution. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

In the meantime, if you have any further questions or issues please feel free to let us know."
I wonder how this can be a hard issue to fix? I mean, it can't be like some kind of mysterious, random-seeming, hard-to-reproduce thing that only happens to some people, can it? And it can't be some kind of third party-tech restricted thing either.

It seems like every character that leaves a queue in Warbands has this happen. Probably Tempest as well. Is it really that hard to track down whatever makes the game consider regular, open PvP a 'tournament' just because it's in a challenge league? Or does it only happen after actually getting into a match before leaving a queue?

(Also, losing Leo's daily mission text after logging out or being disconnected is causing some problems for me. My temporary fix is to take a screenshot of it in case I need to read it again.)

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