"Unable to join PvP queue because - you have withdrawn from this tournament"

I'm going to make this thread here, in suggestions, and in bug reports. Especially in bug reports, because no one in their right minds would have done this intentionally.

Why, when I finish a PvP arena, does a button EVEN EXIST that withdraws me from the PvP tournament I have entered. I don't want to leave the tournament. I entered it. I plan to see it through to the end. If I wish to leave your tournament, I have 95 million ways to do so without a UI button.

I could choose not to requeue.
I could log on a different character.
I could exit PoE altogether.

But to have this button, AND TO HAVE IT FORCIBLY POP UP ON THE UI UNDERNEATH A PLAYER'S CURSOR RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN WITHIN 3 SECONDS OF A MATCH ENDING is an unbelievable, inconceivable, sheer display of ineptitude, lack of judgement, and lack of QA testing both by paid members of staff and by beta volunteers.

That's why I'd prefer to assume this is a bug.

Please fix.
Along with this: Why was I not even placed in the Swiss? Pretty sure "Leave Queue" is the only way to leave queue, yet somehow I never entered queue without touching any buttons. Impressive Swiss queue system.

And to actually respond in some manner to OP, yeah I agree it's silly to have that button. Darn silly.
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Thanks for the support. I was PM'd with this link


So yes, even Chris is aware of it, but it scares me that their planned fix seems to be adding 'clarity' to the buttons as opposed to not having them at all =/

" havoctown wrote:
can't rejoin Q after click withdraw...

"Withdraw" permanently leaves it, whereas "Leave queue" lets you queue again. We need to make this clearer - sorry about that!"

there's the direct quote from that thread for the lazy :P
i've got the same problem, what now?
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[quote="MullaXul"]ICU + alpha, bad idea[/quote]
PvP Team Omniscient

IGN: aBearTrap / AnExplosiveArrow

[quote="MullaXul"]ICU + alpha, bad idea[/quote]
I didn't see any option to withdraw. I only saw a "Leave queue", which I did, because something else came up that I wanted to take advantage of, and then I planned to return to non-tournament low level PvP 1v1. I have never had this happen before, but I suppose I may never have actually left the queue before either, at least not from within a PvP arena. And there are no events listed, so how could it be a tournament going on? How permanent is this really? And does it matter that I was at a higher rank than usual when I left? (Is there anywhere one can see the rankings without having access to the 'tournament'?)
Same problem here. Didn't notice I clicked somewher wrong...
I really want to see how my PvP Scion does in 2.0, so how do I get rid of this problem?
Please someone help us!
need help aswell, asap!
So this means what? I can no longer queue for pvp at all?
and actually I am pretty sure that there was only 1 option to click on.
its not the first time I pvp (been 4th and 7th in the high lvl one) and I left the arena as I always do.
But for some reason something changed and I cant requeue for 1on1. this needs fixing

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