"Unable to join PvP queue because - you have withdrawn from this tournament"

FYi, you can switch servers just by using a different gateway, no need to go through another hideout, party or anything.
well.. it works when i switch from a EU to a US server .. but then iam in a different ranking aswell when i get points etc.. so its no solution.. atleast for me if you want to do pvp not just for the dailys.
same problem here... all servers closed to me now :(

Dear GGG fix it please T-T
I too am experiencing this issue.
Wow now I see what happened with all my pvp characters... so I hit I button i never saw. lol.
How this is fixed? or i must delete and create another pvp char?
A little earlier, Chris replied when I inquired about this subject on Reddit. Says it should be resolved very soon.
I sent another email to support to utter my deep concern about this issue, stressing the fact that a substantial number of players is inflicted and that we got no official response whatsoever from GGG about the problem.

I got this answer:

Hi there,

Thank you for getting back to us about this. Unfortunately I am not able to speculate on the progress regarding the PVP issue. I will be happy to forward your concerns on the relevant team member, however I am unsure on when it may be resolved.

I am truly sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause and if you have any further questions or issues please feel free to let us know.

Best regards,
Gillsing wrote:
Yeah, there's a lot of 'bureaucracy' when it comes to Leo's daily missions. That ledger he's holding is no joke, I guess. Even so, we did that mission in Warbands 820 with six PvP-only characters, and it worked out as planned. Not sure how long it took to gather those six players, but 30 minutes does sound possible.

It's very possible I was one of those 6 players, because a while after I made that post I joined an LLD party where we took turns killing the flag carrier.
Somebody has been sneaking into the allotment and putting top-soil on the ground... the plot thickens!
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Rejoice everyone, it's been fixed.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug where cancelling a PvP queue could sometimes prevent you from joining in the future.
Well... hallelujah praise Jesus and pass the ammunition!
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