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My items show in poe.com/trade but not in poe.trade and I don't know what i did wrong?
Gloshu wrote:
My items show in poe.com/trade but not in poe.trade and I don't know what i did wrong?

Your items do appear here: https://poe.trade/search/turumeruoreyak
Hola, hoy aproximadamente a las 9:20 de la mañana intente comprar un item al jugador
"enthusiasmus" por el precio de 6 exalted. Dicho jugador me entrego otro item que no correspondia a lo acordado ya que el item que me entrego tiene la misma imagen que el item que yo buscaba. Después de realizar la transacción me doy cuenta que no es el item, al pedirle explicaciones al jugador este me bloquea.

@enthusiasmus Hi, I would like to buy your Starforge Infernal Sword listed for 11.5 exalted in Delirium (stash tab "lll"; position: left 5, top 1)

El es el jugador que me estafo y me entrego el item "void forge" infernal sword,

por favor necesito su ayuda en este tema, no puede ser que en la comunidad exista este tipo de personas,
How difficult would it be to add Map Region as a searchable property in poe.trade?

There's already Level/Tier as a property.

If I could say any Tier 14+ Haewark map, for example.

It would be an incredible quality of life. None of the search sites have this at the moment.
I just got scammed :(
Hi, looks like all the mods with "Skills supported by Unleash have +# to number of seals" dont work

CF : https://poe.trade/search/sioratakoruoah
I sent a PM but have not received my personal URL yet.
i dont know what is happening but my items arent showing up on poe.trade neither offline nor online even though I have a public stash tab
The mods: Map is influenced by the Elder/Shaper and also Map is ocupied by the Eradicator/Enslaver, etc don't work. They don't show up in searches.

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