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Your site is mixing up GCP and gemcutters-incubator. No I will not buy your GCP for dozens of chaos... ty.


I'd love to see the ability to save a search config. I spend a lot of time putting together my character's custom map mods exclusions, so I can buy high Quantity maps that don't have [all my personally-irritating map mods here], then I sort by the quantity, and try to buy the ones at the top of the search results list.

My browser has a tough time with this, despite my good computer, because there's like.... 25ish? exclusions. It works well, but I actually have been avoiding restarting my computer so I don't have to input all those map mods again to search next time, heh.

Also, I can't find any way to exclude low-quantity maps, I must use the sorting feature once the search results have been generated. This bothers me because even though there may be 2759 results, I only get to see the ones that load on the search results page, UNSORTED, so there's usually only a few high-quantity maps present on the page, I don't have access to the rest that are on the non-existent "other pages".

So a way to SAVE A SEARCH CONFIG, and a way to filter out by MAP QUANTITY would be soooooo Aweeeeesommmme!

Since yesterday, I've almost never been able to get the poe.trade site to load. This also affects the trade macro so look ups fail. This also is happening both on multiple computers on my home network and on my data connection on my cell phone. Yet other people say they can load the site just fine.

I'm a little baffled on what to do. It doesn't seem like an issue with my local computer/network since I've tested alternates and they also fail.

I'm from Western Canada fwiw.
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should add reputation for the seller on every purchase
Hi, could you add an option to class by date or a link directly on the "1 month" "1 week" on the items showing as the same it does while clicking on a orb to class by price ? I would have a more accurate prices on the items I want to buy or sell. I have to mentally ignore 2+ weeks and when there is 100 results, it isn't easy.

Edit : if we could also make to appear only the results of the last 2 week, I would use it.
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i send message yesterday for URL but i didnt get reply yet.
i send message yesterday for URL but i didnt get reply yet.

Apologies, the issue should now be resolved and you will receive a reply if you send another message to the account.
Thabk you so much sir
Weight for explict "Has 1 Abyssal Socket" dont work in "Weight" Sum Group of Mods and weight of this Moddifier its not recognized at all please Fix

Hi and thx
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