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Suggestion: Allow to open a single item from search results in a new tab/window or mark it as favorite to "save for later".
Please stop matching the shortest possible currency tag. TRAnquility and TRAsh-to-treasure are not the same as 'orb of TRAnsmutation'. If that isn't workable, at least change the shorter tags to be 'tagname ' or 'tagname$'
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When poe.trade ranks items based on price, what is the exact conversion rate the website uses...

For example: 2 Alch is "cheaper" than 4 silver.... and 1 Alch is "cheaper" than 2 silver.

Where do these conversions come from and is there a list I could see?
LordWynton wrote:
Item Mod update:

Thread of Hope Crimson Jewel

Add the Small, Medium Large radius's to teh add mod section?

Is this possible?

Any chance of this being changed?

It's still only possible to search for the "very large" version, none of the others are searchable directly.

Not all players are searching for a very large ring! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Map mods are not working, at least when I do try to use them to search for elder influenced maps it keeps showing common maps on the results.
Whoever is doing the "Currency market" please try to remove from a "matching results" list people with a STOCK lower than specified amount for trade. For example results like below should not be shown on the list:
- 1 resonator for 1 chaos and a stock is equal 0;
- 10 resonators for 10 chaos but a stock is 9;
There are many people showing 0 stock - they have no currency to trade and there is only 200 results shown, so people with higher stocks (but higher prices) are not on the list. This often cause a problem to find someone able to trade despite many people trying to sell something which would be interesting for others.
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not sure if it was already suggested because im no gonna read all that shit prior my post, but it would be nice to be able to log in with a character or something like that, so i dont have to fill in my specs like lvl, str, int or agi every time i look for an item. armory is public, make a connection with it
Add a new pseudo option for 'keyword'
would allow person to input keyword to search for a word or phase to look for in the listed mods.
included a min/max quantity field for the # of that keyword found

ie. search 'minion' would display items with any mods with the word 'minion' in them. adding 'min: 3' would narrow those results to items with at least 3 instances of the word 'minion' in the items listed mods.
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Not sure if you're aware but Prefix modifier 'Essences' is showing up as T1 Seething on poe.trade.

Same gloves in-game:

My suggestion isto GGG to allow API to access individual item mods!

Thank you for your work <3
My Marauder 3 hour race video guide - http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/52146
XP rate for different areas - http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/53056
need help

for the last 2 month more-or-less i have 2 problems when im using poetrade :
1) in the past, when i ran live-search, when i was playing or doing something else on the computer, when i hear the sound notify i open my browser and if for example i had 10 search open then on the search that find something i could see *icon* on my tab that telling me witch search had found something. now its only showing headphon icon for 1 sec and it disappear.
2) after a wile, especially if it found around 5 result + on specific search, if i will enter to this tab, it will take 10 sec to reload it, and if i want to scroll down to see the result it find it is very slow and stuck alot. it never happen before even with 50 result that he found and even i had 15 live search at the same time.

i tried to look for solution on the forums but coudnt see anyone that had that prolbom.

ty for the help and sorry for the english

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