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Why is there absolutely no way to combat price fixers and scammers?

This seems like a relatively simple feature to implement, a report button with a few different options and a captcha process. If no. of unique reports received >= x in time y then block all listings from that Account for 24h.

I'm not sure on the volume of traffic you receive but the no. of reports required could scale from that.
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When using Poe.trade on mobile, would be nice if you could type in text to filter mods rather than have to scroll to look through 1000s. I have iPhone and it doesn’t let me.
would be nice to have an option to filter the new map series on poe.trade, just like for betrayal etc.... ;)
hey, i got some issue with instant live search. I dont get any results in more than 10 minutes. After switching to 60s refresh method i get spammed with results.
Is it only me, having that problem?
I also have the same problem. And don't work
test notification (sound)
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Yea, live search is broken for about 20 hours now, the owner clearly doesn't really care
live search doesnt work for 24 hours, it works for my friend. i try many things but still same, what should i do for the fix?
I am also having errors in the live searches nothing appears for hours even having the item available and users selling on the search price
Apologies about the live search being broken, the issue should be resolved now. Please let me know if you still experience problems.
It was nice if have some button for ignore some traders who is deceiver. Some ppls sold an item but trade another, cheaper but look's like original.

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