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Seems it's not working? Searching for any items yields no results.
yeah same here, any search yields no results,
Cannot seem to see any listed items regardless of what I search for.

Restarted Site, Cleared Cache, Restarted Network Devices.

Seems to not be affecting others, confused as to what the issue may be. Would appreciate help ^^

Edit. Seems only some people are affected rather then just me.
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Same problem.

Always "Nothing was found. Try widening your search criteria."
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In currency shop, my name is showing up as my name from a previous season. I tried logging in and out. How do I get it to refresh to my new season name?
I've tried everything I can and for some reason search results are showing me nothing despite just like an hour ago showing plenty of results.

Tried different browser, disabling adblock but then a friend tried and it worked for her..
I am trying to search for the mod, "Spell damage leeched as mana". I've searched Total Mods, Explicit Mods, and Fractured Mods (The only available options). As best as I can tell, it returns the results of, "Everything". There seems to be no rhyme or reason. It's returning items without the mods.

Search Link - http://poe.trade/search/eninohiasinaur

The first 2 results pictured - https://imgur.com/gWyjpvq

Am I doing something wrong?
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Same problem

Nothing was found. Try widening your search criteria.

For any search, since some hours.
Same problem. Finds nothing.
Just not working search, empty.

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