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If i search for a Item Mod i get a very very big list on a mobile device. Can you change it and make it like the search for an item name?
I think adding prophecies to the drop downs in the currency tab would be very helpful
I would love if you could do AND/COUNT/WEIGHT and SUM at the same time.

Currently you have to make 2 exact same filter groups if you want to sort by the total and the mods you want to be on an item
Not sure if it's just me but on Chrome, i am unable to select mods...
Like everything else is fine, but on top of the "add mode" there is no longer a bar with the min max values anymore. Adding a filter group doesnt fix it, refreshing the page doesnt fix it, closing chrome and restarting doesnt fix it.
It works fine on other browsers but Chrome is my default browser for a reason. My in-game shortcuts open a chrome browser (ctrl + alt + D, etc). So any idea how to fix this?
nvm, got it from the last page, thanks!
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poe.trade shows my listing in delve sc, even though im playing delve hc.
control.poe.trade says
Currently you are shown online only in the league that you're playing in.
Why cannot show/display standard and league shop at same time like it was a few time ago?

When an option to report scammers and market manipulators?
"Shaped" tab doesn't work with maps. If you put "NO" in this tab, you still see shaped version.

pls fix it
With fractured fossils being a thing, there are plenty more mirrored items out there. Would it be possible to add a yes/no/either selection for mirrored items?
"Gain extra physical damage as extra lightning damage" yields no results when combined with "one handed axe" or "one handed mace". All other parameters were reset before hand, double checked, and "extra cold/fire damage" is found fine.

It is something that can definitely roll on items - as I just listed a mace with 35% extra lightning damage!

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