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Completed 37 Challengestyrot wrote:
Hello xyz

I have a problem with the push notifications of the live search under google chrome.They simply don't appear. I allowed the push notifications, tried completly resetting and reinstalling chrome(deleting appdata and registry inclusive). I encounter the same problem on my pc as well as on my laptop.

Is that a general issue with google chrome?

interesting, i had something like that before but it was alright after a while
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Completed 3 Challengesxyz wrote:
The issue with items disappearing should be resolved now.

If your items still don't show up, let me know.

Hey XYZ.

Abyss league is starting in a few days and my items are still not showing on standard.

Please help, would like to use your site in abyss league.

Thanks in advance
I am suffering from "The Curse of 1 Fusing shoes", as I got to call it.

For the past few days I've been bombarded with messages for these items(search for Wanderlust or Kaoms roots in Standard, the ones that costs 1 fuse).

So far I tried:
-Putting item in the tab with automatic price
-Setting different price on the item
-Moving it to the non-premium tab

In case of Kaoms, the item was sold few days ago for a different price but it's still there.

Those items came from the Harbinger league, if that helps with debugging.

Please let me know how can I get rid of this horrible curse.

Thank you!

Thank you!
I totally forgot about that thread. I deleted the text in the thread, but the item remains on poe.trade.

Does it take a long time to update? It's been about 10-14 hours.
i have setup manual currencies in poe.currency and its not picking me up in the abyss league, any idea why?
we really could use the option to search for affixes like:
"adds X to X fire damage to claw attacks"

since the new abyss jewels can roll these affixes, its hard to search for them and even price them.

there is also other affixes like damage to staff and such.
All new mods should be up now, please let me know if something's still missing.
Completed 18 Challengestonic317 wrote:
i have setup manual currencies in poe.currency and its not picking me up in the abyss league, any idea why?

I'm here with the same problem, have used it in previous leagues and I did have it public off before Abyss but now it's been three hours since I PMed and turned public on (Tried logging out, different browsers etc.) and I am still receiving the error.

Edit: Working for me now.
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First, I want to give some feedback, because I really enjoy the simplicity of your site, keep it up :)

Question: Why is the rate of exchange in the item search not really up to the current state of the market? I often see exalted before way cheaper items for chaos show up or alchemy and chaos being above fusing. I checked on pathofexile.com and there it was shown orderly.

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