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Completed 14 ChallengesTeplokot wrote:
Hey xyz,

i've encountered a strange bug with Turmoil just today. My items are not shown in a normal search on turmoil anymore, but my items on Standard, Harbinger and Hardcore Harbinger are still there. Moreover if i reprice items they are shown on Turmoil livesearch but never make it to the usual search and search by seller says i have no items for sale on Turmoil.

Not sure when it started but i just noticed it.

Edit: currency.poe.trade picks up items no problemo

Same issue here, been happening since the morning. Trying to sell things before league ends but they don't show up :(

Some items are fine, but everything in my "Sell" tab is not. Tried moving the items elsewhere and get the same issue. Even moved an item to a different account, it showed up in live but isn't on the site.

They show up in pathofexile.com/trade fine.

edit: maybe it's a price thing? nothing i sell >10c is showing. But most of those items are in that tab so I dunno.
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Same problem here, my items are not listed anymore, even with offline search i had the same same result.
The issue with items disappearing should be resolved now.

If your items still don't show up, let me know.
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Completed 1 Challengexyz wrote:
The issue with items disappearing should be resolved now.

If your items still don't show up, let me know.

Hey XYZ,

My items are displayed on live search but soon after they disappear on the regular search.

Would greatly appreciate if you could fix that, thanks and have a great week ahead!

I am sure it has been asked multiple times, but are there plans to add any favorites?

Like, if I am always searching for a certain jewel, can I just have a favorites list in the top right, of search functions that I want to save?

I have a few bookmarks saved, but I'd rather keep my bookmarks uncluttered.
Is this the right place to get support with poe.trade? I have gone thru the activation process many times and my stuff is NOT set to private yet it keeps telling me that I need to update my privacy settings... I even installed Acquisition like it suggested and put my url there and set all the auto refresh/online stuff. What else could it be? I've sent several pms to the bot and it keeps giving me the same management url.

i am getting a lot of trade requests from other leagues than where i am currently logged in. Someone on reddit suggested that the official poe trade site didn't show other league sellers online by default, do you get the neccessary data from the api to do that too? Would you consider it if possible?
Currently, i get a lot of cross league requests for my items which i all reject because i don't want to relog while the afk thing is annoying because i return in seconds when my trade tool shows me the whisper... i think it's rather bad the way it is currently - the good requests don't come, the bad overwhelm me if i answer (which i think is the polite thing to do).

It is not possible. Please check the first page, it is answered in the FAQ.
Any plans to allow a toggleable option to hide AFK/DND (that's what I would have expected..,) similar to how one can toggle Online Only, Buyout/No-Buyout, etc.?

Imo that is THE most important thing we need.
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Send me a PM on here, I check it all the time :)
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Please add numbers to the shop line listing to make easier to find an error. For example - #104 Invalid 'sell_value' - I have to look for 104th line. Also would be great if you added opportunity to replace frame in the right place by dragging with mouse1 (if I forgot to add ratio in right place without deleting tons of listings which are located below in list).Thanks

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