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Letificus wrote:
Got trade inquiry for items wich "NOT" in my public sell stash and not for sell!!??

Send yesterday a trade inquiry to person, which item was dont 4 sell and not public too!?

And ironically it was priced!?

Dont understand this.

This may have to do with Forum Shops, created with Procurement etc.
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I keep getting whispers for old items that do no exits anymore. We are talking about items that are a couple of years old.

I removed all my shop threads on the forums. Yet they are still listed on poe.trade
Is there anyways to clear/remove those?

They are not listed on the GGG trade tool, only on poe trade.

I'd like to repeat, I do not have any shop threads up anymore.

Thank you


It seems that all items are now gone. Don't know what happened, it took 5 days for them vanish.
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turmoil hardcore doesnt show my currency tab in public. How to fix it ? Relogged and shared tabs few times
Completed 1 Challengexyz wrote:
I am confused, what is not true? It seems support had removed most of the post so it is not clear what they are talking about.

Hey XYZ, a couple days ago I was mentioned in a thread (by nyaffetsa). I concur that at its core, it can be frustrating with multiple listings from a seller that (depending on their availability), makes trading more difficult.

At the same time of that posting I found that I can no long list items on POE Trade. I would like to know the reasoning behind this and if this was a temporary or long term measure.

Trading is an integral part of the game and I have enjoyed using your site for its ease of use and would greatly appreciate being able to use it in the future. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.
Hello, I have been level 100 for a long time now, and my name is still showing as plain gray.
People playing Turmoil are having their status listed as "online" for Harbinger, causing me to use GGG's official trade page more and more - something I had no intention of doing. I've sent dozens of trade requests only to find out the person in Turmoil. Getting replies like "f-off, Harbinger is a dead league" just for sending an inquiry is getting old as well.
Still lack of mods:
- „Adds # to # Fire Damage to Spells and Attacks”
- „Adds # to # Cold Damage to Spells and Attacks”
- „Adds # to # Lightning Damage to Spells and Attacks”
Those mods should become pseudo:
- „Adds # to # {DamageType} Damage to Spells” (takes all offers into account with „to Spells” and „to Spells and Attacks”)
- „Adds # to # {DamageType} Damage to Attacks” (takes all offers into account with „to Attacks” and „to Spells and Attacks”)
https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search already got it… ;)

Also showing active league near to proper nick will be a thing.
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Need to add in the mods directed at skeletons aside from the only one found in the list under enchantments, makes it a pain trying to find a certain jewel with maxed of certain stats without scrolling thru all there is
Sry my english
Hello xyz, can you explain, if i encountered with price fixer, can i send message to you with proof to add him to your poetrade blacklist? What evidence\reason can I show to exclude this person from your poetrade list? Or in which cases can a person be added to the blacklist?
Hey xyz,

i've encountered a strange bug with Turmoil just today. My items are not shown in a normal search on turmoil anymore, but my items on Standard, Harbinger and Hardcore Harbinger are still there. Moreover if i reprice items they are shown on Turmoil livesearch but never make it to the usual search and search by seller says i have no items for sale on Turmoil.

Not sure when it started but i just noticed it.

Edit: currency.poe.trade picks up items no problemo
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