PoE Shops Indexer — search for items with ease

Awesome site, very helpful.

one question though: You have a personal grudge against Quivers? :)

they're missing...
Don't Touch my Sweep please GGG!
He said rings and quivers are not working yet.

Amazing. This will make everyone's life much easier. Thank you for this.
How is this any different from an auction house? Not that I have anything against this. It's just weird how the community dislikes an auction house implementation when they seem to love this.

Still great work:)
You Sir, here take my like great job.
I love this but would hate an AH in game. All this does it helps you find the item / seller of a specific item they are selling. It still requires me to contact the person directly and barter with them.

All this does is cut down in the amount of time I spend searching through a never ending list of Shops for as specific item. And many amazing items going un noticed due to the lack of organization of the sellers thread.

BTW this is the best thing ever!
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wow this is awesome dude very awesome !!!! you are best guy evar to made this it helps alot!
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Wow, this is a really awesome site! Thank you for taking the time to make it. :)

I was just wondering, could you please add a way to search for items with Life Leech or Mana Leech? I think those are sometimes pretty valuable on jewelry.
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xyz wrote:
I thought that looking for the item you need through ~1.5k threads is way too boring/time-consuming. Hence I wrote a simple yet useful web application which does that for you. Welcome and enjoy http://poe.xyz.is/

Please, note:
* This thing is not done.
* I'm not responsible for any offers listed there.
* Listings are updated from time to time. Your desired item may already be sold.

This is amazing!
Yeah this is pretty much an auction house and all the gear inflation problems it entails. I wonder how the devs will handle this.
OP, great great job. This is very handy. There's no way I'd ever look through the trade forum, it's just so inefficient.

Suggestion: Could you make the search results show more info on the item, and also could you allow the results to be displayed in ascending/descending order if we clicked on a certain column?

Strill wrote:
Yeah this is pretty much an auction house and all the gear inflation problems it entails. I wonder how the devs will handle this.

It's not, because there aren't prices set. It's basically like trade-chat. You are still required to talk 1-on-1 with the person selling the item, and come to a price between you two which isn't derived by comparing it to the prices of similar items.

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