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Great job! I hope you keep developing this, as an app that does exactly this is the most sensible way to browse items for trade in PoE. Just ask the community if you need any advice on how to make it more useful.
bloads wrote:
It's not, because there aren't prices set. It's basically like trade-chat. You are still required to talk 1-on-1 with the person selling the item, and come to a price between you two which isn't derived by comparing it to the prices of similar items.
It still does nothing to stop gear inflation. Gear only gets thrown away when people can't find buyers. If finding buyers is easy, then people will never throw away any moderately good gear, and good gear will be much more prevalent.
Very nice and useful! It would be wonderful if you could add in casting speed affix option!
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You are a master of th internet! Awesome
This is really great and it basically combines the advantages of an AH with direct trading!

But I found 1 bug since your last update, with Firefox at least:

If you start a search and then use the back button to got back to the search form, all empty fields are locked. You have to do a complete refresh of the page to make them usable again. Fields which contained values work though.
This is not present with Internet Explorer, but was also working before your latest update (the one with the req. level and so on) - I think this is because IE automatically refreshes the page on using "back", which also empties every entered value
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I'm liking this more and more, because it's not full AH, as it just reduces the time one has to browse the trade forums, which is quite a life saver. And also I would guess at least 70% of trading is done in game via chat, and the remaining 30% is done on the forums, so I don't see it 'breaking' the game like D3 AH did.

Also a suggestion, it might be good to show Date of post, as some offers might be out-of-date - this way you could check the most recent ones and work towards the older ones.
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There is also http://poetools.com/market/ that index items. This is good that there is some competition.
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m_b wrote:
There is also http://poetools.com/market/ that index items. This is good that there is some competition.

Competition benefits the user/consumer if the competitors are trying to sell things or services. This is not the case. While not detrimental in any way I can currently think of competition here serves nothing.
First benefit is obvious - you have choice :)
http://poetools.com/ - PATH OF EXILE TOOLS
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» Fixed annoying JS bug (Firefox)
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