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Hideout Showcase

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
While the team are currently busy working on performance improvements and upcoming content, we thought we'd indulge in one of the more niche parts of the game: Hideouts. Today's news post is a showcase of recent community hideout submissions. In other news, we just deployed patch 2.3.1b. Read More.

Developer Questions and Answers

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Yesterday's Game Mechanics post was really successful, so we've decided to hold another General Q&A where we'll answer your questions about Path of Exile, game development and life at the GGG office. Please post questions in this forum thread. We'll post the answers in the news approximately a week from now! Read More.

Game Mechanics - Questions and Answers

Monday, June 27, 2016
We recently started a new thread on our forums where players can asked game mechanics questions and Mark, one of our veteran gameplay programmers, periodically answers them as best he can. Today's news post is a round-up of recent questions that were answered in this thread. Read More.

ZiggyD's Community Unique Design

Sunday, June 26, 2016
Many months ago, Grinding Gear Games and ZiggyD worked together to create a new unique item that was shaped by votes from the community! The first vote decided that the item should be a belt, and the second vote chose the design intent of rewarding an Armour/Evasion hybrid playstyle. It's finally time for the third vote, to decide one of the special properties! Read More.

New Microtransaction Skins!

Thursday, June 23, 2016
Recently our Thai community (on the Garena servers) designed some new microtransactions as part of a promotion they were running. Today we're releasing these skins to our community too! They are the Kacha Axe Skin, Naga Helmet Skin, Yaksha Shield Skin, and Garuda Dagger Skin. Read More.

Developer Interview - Jasper - 3D Artist

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Last week we revealed some new 3D art and introduced a new member of our development team, Jasper. We've interviewed him to get an insight into his experience transitioning from a member of the community to a member of the team. Read More.

Content Update 2.3.1 is now live!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
The team has just finished deploying the 2.3.1 Content Update, which added 3D Art for some items, Prophecy Improvements, bug fixes and much more! Check out the full patch notes here. Read More.

Development Manifesto: Prophecy Changes

Monday, June 20, 2016
We're just over two weeks into the Prophecy Challenge leagues so far. We've received plenty of feedback about Prophecy and have taken as much of it on board as possible for the changes we're making in the 2.3.1 update this week. Chris has written a Development Manifesto that covers a lot of the Prophecy-specific changes coming in this update. Read More.

Caption the Screenshot - Community Competition!

Sunday, June 19, 2016
Over the years we've really enjoyed seeing the content that our community creates, especially through competitions. This time around we wanted to hold a competition that is more inclusive for our broader community. The Caption the Screenshot Competition launches today! Read More.

New Microtransactions - Dragon Armour Set and Spear

Thursday, June 16, 2016
We've just released new microtransactions! The Dragon Armour Set and its five individual pieces and the Dragon Spear Weapon Skin which works on two handed bladed weapons as well as stavess! Read More.

Current Development Priorities

Thursday, June 16, 2016
We're working on improving many aspects of Path of Exile and most of these changes are going in a relatively large 2.3.1 update expected for next week. Today's news post is a roundup of the current areas that our development team are focused on, including aspects that extend beyond 2.3.1. Read More.

Upcoming 3D Art from Content Update 2.3.1

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Next week we're releasing Content Update 2.3.1 which includes new 3D art for four items and other improvements to 2.3.0. Here's a preview of the coming 3D Art! Read More.

Community Showcase - A Guide to Prophecies, Fan Art, Music and more!

Monday, June 13, 2016
The development team is currently hard at work creating updates and improvements for the game. In the meantime, we've rounded up some community content from the recent weeks to share with you all! Read More.

Weekend Sales!

Saturday, June 11, 2016
We're running a sale on Stash Tabs! For the first 24 hours (Saturday, PST), we've discounted Premium Stash Tab Bundles by 17.5%. On Sunday, Regular Stash Tab Bundles are discounted by 26.6%. If you're looking to buy points to purchase Stash Tabs, check out our Prophecy Supporter Pack! Also, remember to check out the Darkness Mystery Box, Demon King Portal and Wings. Thanks again for the generous support! Read More.

New Microtransactions - Demon King Portal and Wings

Thursday, June 9, 2016
To celebrate the launch of the new Prophecy Leagues we're introducing two new microtransactions: the Demon King Portal Effect and the Demon King Wings Back Attachment. Read More.

Prophecy Statistics

Wednesday, June 8, 2016
We're almost a week into the Prophecy Leagues and thought it would be a good time to reveal how many challenges have been completed and what unique items are favourable in both Prophecy and Hardcore Prophecy. Read More.

Patch 2.3.0e

Wednesday, June 8, 2016
We have deployed Patch 2.3.0e which contains many bug fixes and other improvements. For more information, check out the full patch notes! Read More.

The Darkness Mystery Box

Monday, June 6, 2016
We've just released the Darkness Mystery Box which will be on sale until the end of the Prophecy Leagues (August 30th!) Each box grants you one random darkness-themed microtransaction, with value equal to at least that of the box (25 points). There are 31 awesome prizes to win including two new armour sets and other new effects! Check out this video compilation of all the microtransactions contained in the Darkness Mystery Box! Read More.

Path of Exile 2.3.0 Launch and Follow-up Patches

Monday, June 6, 2016
After three months of hard work, we launched Path of Exile 2.3.0 and the Prophecy challenge leagues on Friday. We're really pleased with the player reception and have been working hard to fix early problems. Today's news post is a roundup of the patches we've released so far. Read More.

Path of Exile: 2.3.0/Prophecy Launches Tomorrow!

Friday, June 3, 2016
As was foretold, Content Update 2.3.0 and the Prophecy Challenge Leagues launch tomorrow! At 10am pacific time, the realm will go down for three hours. At this time you'll be able to start patching the content update. At 1pm pacific time, the realm will come back and the Prophecy Challenge leagues will start! Read More.