Microtransactions from the Affliction Mystery Box are now available in the store! We’ve individually priced each set of items based on its type and rarity.

The Affliction Stash Bundle is also being released today. This microtransaction applies a skin to your Stash and Guild Stash in your hideout to make them look like the Affliction Box! Check it out in the video below:

Check out all the other Affliction microtransactions by watching the video below. You can view the full range in the store by clicking here.

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Finally. More pilfering rings!
IGN: JerleNecroDD/JerleNecroRuthless
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
GGG, pls extend the forum badge display limit please T_T
What is the point of the league name being shown on the pilferer's ring since it says Standard as soon as the league you used it in ends? You can't use it to show what you got from a certain league since they will all say standard eventually.
RIP Affliction, the only league that allowed me to drop mirrors in solo until the last week of the league, like team parties do during the first weeks of the league

Btw, https://www.pathofexile.com/shop/item/ExilesPilferingRing This ring it's such a must, allowing you to keep track of your drops
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Amazing league, gearing up characters with deterministic graveyard crafts (with a spice of rng when you click that exorcise button after filling up 88 grave slots) is insanely nice.

People complain about the tedium of micromanaging corpses and trading them, but you can absolutely solo farm every corpse you need to craft and upgrade your items.

I really hope we will see more deterministic crafting elements in future leagues as well.

Thank you!!
Mole Man Shield Charge spec. Here we go.
"Never trust floating women." -Officer Kirac
Can you add Hinekora's lock since we dont have sextants anymore on the pilfering :).
good news
First Mirror drop at t8 pier map in legacy league :D
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade map in delirium league :D
Gods knows what happened in affliction league... :L
pilfering ring is a "must have", same as the terry pratchett remmebrance hideout
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill!
Fucking badass, thanks guys!

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