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Build of the Week: Seven-Aura Necromancer

Aug 30, 2017 8:03:35 PM
We're kicking off the first episode of Build of the Week Season Seven with the Seven-Aura Necromancer Skeleton Mage build by KTMetis. Unconventionally, this build uses a whopping seven auras which provide powerful support for your party members while remaining extremely effective during solo-play. With so many Skeleton Mages casting spells out on the battlefield, this build makes an impact both visually and against your enemies. Check out the full episode for more information about this build and how it works. Read More.

Winners of the Well-dressed Exile Competition

Aug 29, 2017 7:46:35 PM
Two weeks ago we launched the Well-dressed Exile competition where players could compete with and without microtransactions to create the best look for some awesome prizes, including the ultimate prize, having your look recreated as a Rogue Exile to be immortalised in Path of Exile forever! With almost 3,000 submissions, the competition was fierce, but the winners have been selected! Check them out. Read More.

Discovering the Harbinger Language

Aug 28, 2017 11:24:19 PM
The Harbinger Challenge League is unique in that alongside its game mechanics, we also introduced a new decipherable language. The community has been collaborating in an effort to decipher the meaning behind the Harbinger Glyphs. We wanted to share these efforts with the wider community and look further into the language, the design behind it and to give some hints about its hidden secrets. Read More.

The Pale Council Uniques - An Insight into the Design Process

Aug 27, 2017 7:54:15 PM
In Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath, we reworked the Pale Council rewards and added four new unique items. Hrishi is one of our game designers, who you may better know as the community member who made the Cloak of Defiance Unique. He's written this post to outline his thoughts on the design of these new unique items to give you an insight into the development process. Read More.

Path of Exile is now live on Xbox One!

Aug 24, 2017 5:23:16 PM
We are very happy to announce that we've just officially launched Path of Exile on Xbox One! Check out our official Xbox One launch trailer and for more information about the Xbox One version of Path of Exile, check out today's news post. Read More.

Information about the Xbox One Launch

Aug 24, 2017 1:04:31 AM
Path of Exile for Xbox One will go live at 2pm on August 24th (PDT). If you're planning to play, then this news post has all the information you need! Read More.

New Microtransactions - Exclusive Harbinger Hat, Wasteland Armour Set and more!

Aug 23, 2017 9:11:52 PM
Hold onto your hats, there's new microtransactions in store! Or, better yet, let go of your hats like it's graduation time and put on the new Harbinger Brimmed Hat - the newest league-exclusive hat to add to your collection. A new hat is always great, but the rest of your wardrobe can't be ignored. Luckily, we also have the new Wasteland Armour Set, Wasteland Cloak, Celestial Weapon Effect, Raven Raging Spirits Skill Effect and Bolted-Hand Helmet Bundle to create an entirely new look or mix and match with your existing garb. Check out all the new looks in the store here. Read More.

What We're Working On

Aug 22, 2017 10:47:51 PM
It's a busy week for the development team with our Chinese launch yesterday and our Xbox One launch coming up later this week. With so much happening, we wanted to offer some insight into what else we're working on right now and what's coming up in the future. This post covers the details of further planned improvements to the Harbinger Challenge League, more slots for the Currency Stash Tab and an overview of what's happening in development for the remainder of 2017. Read More.

Path of Exile Launches in China

Aug 22, 2017 1:26:01 AM
For two years, we have been working with Tencent to bring Path of Exile to China. After many months of Beta testing, we are proud to announce that it has entered Open Beta today. Their release includes all of the 3.0.0 content and some specific changes for the Chinese region. Chris attended a launch event in Shanghai over the weekend and has brought back some photos and video for you! Read More.

Classic Mystery Box Microtransactions Now in Store!

Aug 20, 2017 11:33:06 PM
We're glad to announce that Classic Mystery Box microtransactions and Purple Bundle are available for purchase now! Among these items are the Bleached Demon King Armour Pack, Purple Necrotic Armour Pack, Purple Acid Scorpion and much more! Check out all the new microtransactions in the store. Read More.

Path of Exile on Xbox One will Launch on August 24

Aug 18, 2017 12:36:36 AM
The long-awaited release of Path of Exile on Xbox One is right around the corner. We're all set to make our console debut on August 24th (PST). We are very excited to welcome even more exiles to our community. As per usual, the game will be free to download and available to everyone! Read More.

The Harbinger Supporter Packs

Aug 17, 2017 8:19:21 PM
To celebrate the launch of the Harbinger Challenge League, we've just released the Harbinger Supporter Packs! There are two packs available and between them they contain points, Forum Titles, Social Frames, an Armour Set, Cloak, Character Effect, Weapon Effect and Pet! Thank you so much for your support. Read More.

3.0.1 Patch Notes

Aug 16, 2017 10:14:27 PM
Tomorrow (Friday NZT) we plan to deploy the 3.0.1 update that introduces the Harbinger Supporter packs, additions to the Harbinger League, bug fixes and more! In the meantime, we've prepared an early look at the patch notes for this update to keep you in the loop! Read More.

Upcoming 3D Art for Unique Gloves!

Aug 16, 2017 12:12:44 AM
The development team is currently working hard to bring you updates to the Harbinger League and the Harbinger Supporter Packs! We expect to deploy this 3.0.1 update on Friday (NZT). Tomorrow we'll share the full patch notes of what to expect in this patch. In the meantime, we wanted to share some other development work with you in the form of upcoming 3D art for unique gloves! Read More.

Build of the Week - Returning Soon

Aug 14, 2017 9:37:43 PM
We're very excited to announce that we're planning to return to the Build of the Week series sometime in the coming weeks! Today's news post serves as an introduction to the series for those who are new. It also outlines what's changing in this coming season and how to submit your build for the series! Read More.

Well-dressed Exile Competition

Aug 14, 2017 12:18:16 AM
Recently we've noticed a trend of many Exiles sharing and comparing their most dapper ensembles with each other in various places in the community. In light of this, we're happy to announce the launch of another fashion competition! We'll choose the most fancy dressed characters and the winners will be rewarded with microtransactions for their characters, new Chaos Orb T-shirts, and other physical merchandise. The best dressed Exile will also be immortalised in game as a Rogue Exile! Interested? Check out the news post to find out all the details. Read More.

Upcoming Additions to the Harbinger League

Aug 11, 2017 12:01:16 AM
We have been listening to community feedback about the Harbinger league as well as playing it ourselves. The most common feedback is that the league content isn't challenging enough and that Harbingers don't yield enough rewards. We want to increase both the challenge and the volume of rewards that the league offers. The changes we're making in the near future should make the league more enjoyable to play while also providing much better reward for you time spent fighting Harbingers. Today's news outlines some of the changes we plan to make. Additionally, this weekend we're also hosting a Super Stash Sale where we're discounting every type of Stash Tab. Read More.

The Fall of Oriath Wallpapers

Aug 9, 2017 11:18:16 PM
Our artists did an amazing job for the Fall of Oriath, and today we're eager to share some of their work with you! We picked some images, including the new Grinding Gear Games logo, and made them available for you to download as wallpapers. You can find them in the Gallery or download them by clicking the image in today's post. Read More.

New Unique Items Discovered So Far

Aug 8, 2017 9:50:11 PM
In The Fall of Oriath, we introduced 24 new unique items to the game. We revealed some of these ahead of time and the community has been working hard to uncover the remaining ones. In case you've missed any of the reveals so far, we've put all of the publicly-known uniques into one place for your reference. Read More.

The Fall of Oriath: Act Ten Concept Art

Aug 7, 2017 9:21:46 PM
With The Fall of Oriath now live, the developers are continuing to work on small improvements and bug fixes that we expect to patch into the game very soon. In the meantime, we have curated a selection of concept art featuring monsters, which many of you have met in Act Ten. Read More.