In today's news post, we're showing off some art from the Necropolis Mystery Box! Check them out below.

We're also having a sale on Weapon and Shield microtransactions this weekend. Check out the full list of discounts here! The sale ends at May 06, 2024 9:00 PM (EDT) (this is displayed in your local time).

Crustacean Armour Set

Fae Wings

Gargoyle Portal Effect

Legion Commander Armour Set

Looking for more Concept Art? Check out the links below!
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Love the crab set.
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ah, the crab. love it! it makes me want to redraw my submission.
Gargoyle looks cool
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Probably the first set of mystery box I didn’t buy in recent times. The concepts and mtx feels rather uninspiring :(
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GGG, pls extend the forum badge display limit please T_T
Nice, but could we talk about how the black morgan and the shield crab were able to make it into the game in the state they are right now xD
I can imagine Chris waking up, looking at his phone, face-slapping himself and then starting to laugh hilariously

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