Name the 3 best things about PoE and the 3 worst. Keep it simple and brief!

+Interesting skills
+Acceptable doses of p2w
+Good wall street simulator as long as site is supporting it.

- Desync
- Far too much reliance on RNG
- Trading is too inefficient mechanically.
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3 best things:
- lvl 1-40 game experience.
- unnerfed strongboxes
- forums when the mods are asleep

3 worst things:
- desync/lack of optimisation in general
- lvl 40-100 game experience
- the rng factor(drops, crafting, et cetera)
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First, the good:

1. Aussie gateway. (Yes!)
2. F2P; no P2W. (Double-Yes!)
3. Skillz (gems + tree).

What sux:

1. Desync-then-die.
2. The Scion who talks far too much. (FAR too much.)
3. Wanna play end game? Trade for better gear :P

but i can go on:

4. Game engine needs more improvement. (Sorry GGG. But it's the truth.) Eg: characters obscured by the environment too much; Dominus battle crawls on lower-spec'd machines, two-stage monsters need to be "re-targeted" after killing their first stage (eg, those sand-crab things) etc.
5. RNG makes me it's bitch too often.
6. Trading is BORING. But unfortunately, necessary. (Such tedium! Very yawn!)
7. Switching between weapon slots needs fixing: as it stands the second weapon slot is only good for leveling-up gems; if you swap between slots, the player needs to adjust their gem skills. This is *awful-bad-awful* and frankly, shoulda' been fixed in OB at the LATEST. Fixing weapon-slot switching would enable more diverse builds.

...having said all that, it's still the best ARPG game i've ever played...
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+ skill tree
+ game look
+ a lot of possible builds

Best: Desync, legacy items, Trading

Worst: Gems, passive tree, Off Topic
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I'll play.

1. Skill tree/ skill system in general
2. Maps
3. The witch has nice legs


1. Performance, especially in groups
2. Desync, obviously
3. No loot filter
A comprehensive, easy on the eyes loot filter:

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1. The skill gem customization system
2. The passive skill tree
3. The difficulty of the game

1. Desync
2. Not enough endgame content
3. Inadequate in-game trading tools
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1) Gem/socket system
2) Passive system
3) Orb system

1) Desync
2) Overly punishing RNG model, leading to RMT
3) Optimization
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*The passive tree, gem system, and that its hard to reach max level
*The random loot (I have always hated static loot like in WoW)
*The nice non-p2w shop that a lot of f2p games fail to do

*Trade system (I love the currency system, but I just hate to trade.. dont know what they could do to fix this though :/, dont want AH, looking forward to trade patch)
*Cant think of anything else
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- passive tree
- support gems
- true free-to-play

the worst:
- not playing the game(trading) is more time-efficient than playing
- desync/general game optimization
- thriving rmt market, because GGG wont listen to feedback

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