Name the 3 best things about PoE and the 3 worst. Keep it simple and brief!

1)Build making system (combo of passive skill tree, skill gems and very nice unique)

2)Replayability (see n#1)

3)Overall atmosphere and music


1) Desync

2) Desync

3) Trade prices too high XD
The Best -

Cool gameplay

Economy based game makes it double fun

It´s hard

The worst -

Horrible graphics optimization / no optimization at all


Unbalanced as hell ( Spectral Throw )

Pros: When Chris Wilson decides to go Holy-muda-1-fuse-6L-mode.
Cons: When Chris Wilson decides to go LEL-fack-you-nub-9k-fuses-no-6L-#GETREKT-Mode.
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best brah
1. stuff

2. stuff

3. stuff

the worst

1. henry_ggg

2. cant say [Removed by Support] anymore

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+Complexity and consistancy of Item-, Stat- and Skillsystem(unlike D3)
+lots of different playstyles
+tons of items and (theoretical) different approaches of getting them

-Trade System by far (ARPGs which are not SPECIFICALLY designed for trade suffer from it. Trade in PoE is just a random feature which does not contribute to the core experience but just overshadows looting and crafting)

-no meaningful interaction with other players. Partying up is rather an "I-win-Button" than complimenting each others strengths and weaknesses.

-"inconsistant progression curve" -> all or nothing design. You either win the game or just get s**t on your face (if you want to craft for instance). Also the micromanaging of skillgems is annoying as hell. Progression in some areas of the game is too limited by unrelated factors(espacially skillgems)
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Best :

1) Build Diversity, endless possibilities
2) Skill mechanic : socketing, linking, coloring. Best system ever in any ARPG.
3) Constant additions to the game

Worst :

1) Starting screen, I really can't understand it's still so slow (minutes most of the times) and doesn't even start in 1 in 3 occasions
2) I guess desync, but I seem to have adapted and doesn't happen that often anymore.
3) Niche uniques and useless uniques, they are way too many of them. Rather have less uniques than so many.

If snapshotting had not been fixed, this would have made my top 3, because people almost thought it was necessary to play the game...

So many people putting trading under the 'cons', but for me that's barely part of the game...
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1) Skill addition flexibility
2) No cartoon
3) Actual building character

1) Too much RNG is wrong
2) No pvp
3) dead game
Good :
1) Passive tree
2) various builds and flavours
3) Not Pay to Win // Pay to Save time

Bad :
1) I don't have a lot of time to play
2) Cast on Crit builds
3) Seems to take a lot of computer resources compared to how the graphics actually look
1. Passive Tree
2. Skill Gem System
3. Races


1. Desync +spikes make it hard to advance end game
2. RNG, especially the nonexisting transparency on chances of success (Crafting yeah but just stupid gambling without knowing the odds suxx)
3. Stacking up piles of useless uniques in higher zones
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The Good :
1. Passive tree
2. The Atmosphere, Sounds & Graphics, and the old Diablo 2 feeling at some points.
3. ?

The Bad :
1. Pay to win ( there is no way you can achieve anything in this game with the number of basic stash tabs ) and if you want to store your items on your characters, you need to buy character slots aswell.
2. Desynch
3. Trading
4. Inventory is too small or items are too big
5. Endgame content
6. Currency & unique drop rates
7. Lack of set items
8. Builds are focusing only on one skill usage 99 % of the time, spamming it 24/7.Boring.
9. GGG not listening to the community about complaints
8. PvP is terrible
7. Lack of Auction House, while poe.zyx and other external sites are ok.
6. Bots, multiboxing, farmers and real money black markets exists.
5. Standard is unplayable
4. Legacy items
3. the way how they release new skills without proper testing and after almost everyone is building their toons around it, they nerf it to the ground where in many cases the character becomes unplayable.
2. No results for time invested into the game
1. Not for casual gamers

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